Link SGX (CDP) account with DBS NAV Planner
Retrieve your SGX Central Depository (CDP) Account data with your Singpass login and enjoy effortless tracking of investments with daily price updates.

Your money may be in different places, or all over the place, but your financial planning doesn't have to be.

DBS NAV Planner, now supercharged by SGFinDex, effortlessly gives you the biggest big picture of your money by connecting all your financial information from banks, Central Depository (CDP) Account under Singapore Exchange (SGX), and government accounts (CPF, HDB and IRAS).



At a Glance

Joyful experience, convenient and easy to do

A single, convenient view without the hassle of logging in to various accounts to manually download and consolidate your information.

Safety and control

SGFinDex is secured by Singpass and sharing of relevant financial information is controlled solely by you.

Get better at money now

Get a complete view of all your finances, with DBS NAV Planner helping you to track, protect and grow your money in a way that works for you.


Multiply your money, your way

Enjoy up to 3.5% p.a. on your DBS Multiplier Account. Connect and share financial information from your other banks and government accounts (CDP, CPF, HDB and IRAS) with SGFinDex and request for information retrieval of the linked accounts through DBS NAV Planner monthly.


Connect now


How does SGFinDex work

With a few clicks, you can connect and share your financial information with DBS NAV Planner, which consolidates them to give you a view of your assets and liabilities, helping you plan more effortlessly.

Security, privacy and control is key – only the banks you choose to connect with can share relevant financial information (and not your login details) solely for the purpose of financial planning.

Here are the financial information that will be retrieved by us for financial planning purposes, when you connect and share:

  • Banks (Citi, DBS/POSB Bank, HSBC, Maybank, OCBC, Standard Chartered Bank, UOB)
    • Current and savings accounts balances
    • Fixed deposits balances
    • Unit trust holdings
    • SRS accounts and holdings
    • CPFIS accounts and holdings
    • Unsecured loan outstanding balances (credit cards, personal loans etc)
    • Secured loan outstanding balances (home loan, car loan etc)
  • Central Depository (CDP) Account under Singapore Exchange (SGX)
    • Singapore Savings Bonds
    • Singapore-listed and foreign equities
  • CPF, HDB and IRAS
    • CPF Account Balance
    • Outstanding HDB Loan Balance and Monthly Loan Instalment
    • Notice of Assessment
    • NRIC/FIN

All banks’ financial information shared is as of the previous month-end or previous monthly statement balance, where applicable. Your information is updated only when you tap on the ‘Refresh’ button within DBS NAV Planner – we recommend you do it monthly to keep your information and your financial plan up to date!

View full T&Cs.


Holistic financial planning with DBS NAV Planner

Financial planning is like completing a puzzle: it works best when you have all the pieces together. DBS NAV Planner can now gather all your financial information in one place to help piece a personalised financial plan that’s right for you.

  • Fill in financial information gaps, securely & automatically
    DBS NAV Planner gives you a complete view of your finances by consolidating and auto-filling your information from Banks, SGX (CDP), CPF, HDB and IRAS shared via SGFinDex – no more dealing with manual inputs
  • Chart your course to financial freedom
    Planning your finances for a rainy day or even for your retirement is more effortless. DBS NAV Planner gains a more holistic view of your finances with SGFinDex, to help you project your future cashflow, analyse various scenarios and keep your finances on track
  • Track all your investments in one place
    Save time by skipping multiple logins and jumping between tabs. Track your investments and daily price movements easily, all in one view

Find out more about what DBS NAV Planner can do for you.


Connect all your accounts now

Securely connect your other banks’, Central Depository (CDP) Account under Singapore Exchange (SGX) and government accounts (HDB, CPF, IRAS) to enjoy the convenience of retrieving your information anytime within one year.
With all your finances in one place, DBS NAV Planner can give you more insightful recommendations, helping you achieve your financial goals.


Connect now

You do not need to connect your DBS/POSB accounts with SGFinDex if you use DBS NAV Planner.


Frequently asked questions

You’ll need to first log in to the information-sharing platform with your SingPass. Select a bank to connect and log in to that bank’s page with your internet banking credentials to provide consent to link your bank accounts.

Once that’s done, you’ll need to log in with your SingPass again as an added security measure. DBS NAV Planner can then securely retrieve and store your information.

You do not need to connect your DBS/POSB accounts with SGFinDex if you use DBS NAV Planner.

No, you’ll only be able to view your information from banks, CPF, HDB and IRAS. You won’t be able to perform any transactions.

The consent period lasts 1 year (365 days), starting from the day you successfully connect your first bank. For example, if you provide consent on 1 Jan 2021 for Bank A to release your information and subsequently provide consent for Bank B on 1 Mar 2021, consent for both will expire on 31 Dec 2021.

If you change your mind about having your accounts linked, you can revoke consent for any bank at any time.

There are two parts to complete in order to see your other banks’ information in DBS NAV Planner. You are likely to have completed the first step of connecting your other banks, and have possibly missed the second SingPass login to retrieve your information.

Here’s what you can do:
1. Go to DBS NAV Planner
2. Open Plan settings > Your external accounts
3. Tap on “Refresh now”

You’ll be taken to SingPass login then to a consent page. Choose “I agree” to complete the information retrieval securely.

Information will only be shared through SGFinDex after you provide your consent to link your participating banks with SGFinDex AND also request for information retrieval of the linked accounts through financial planning applications/websites such as DBS NAV Planner.

Your information can only be retrieved upon your instruction to do so. When you retrieve your information from other banks through DBS NAV Planner, your DBS financial information will NOT be automatically shared with other banks in return.

SGFinDex does not store or have access to your financial information.

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