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You put so much effort into your studies. (Usually.) Let us make it up to you. Sneak a peek at this page for a bunch of other helpful resources to help you level up your money game.

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Why PayLah?

Not another app to download. We get it. But this one lets you pay at over 180,000 merchants islandwide (which is as far as you can go now post-Covid), buy movie tickets without remembering your debit/credit card details, take a ride without needing your wallet, and now – earns you 1.50% p.a. bonus interest on your savings in DBS Multiplier Account. That’s 30X more than your ordinary savings account!

Cash is not always king

Going cashless gives you a better sense of your money habits as you can track your expenditure, so you never need to wonder where your money went to.

Earn 1.50% p.a. bonus interest with DBS Multiplier Account

Just spend any amount with PayLah! and you will earn 1.50% p.a. on first S$50,000 balance in your DBS Multiplier Account. This applies to you if you’re 29 years old and below.

Let’s get better at money together.
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TLDR? Get your pocketful of personal finance tips, deals, and life hacks wherever you go. Don’t forget to turn on ‘Notifications’ to always get first dibs.

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Keep tabs on your money with Plan & Invest tab in digibank

If you thought tracking your money requires a long excel sheet with hundreds of columns and daily updating, it’s time to ditch that thought and check out Plan & Invest tab in digibank instead. Our free financial planning tool allows you to:

See all your money in one place

You will know exactly how much you’ve spent on dining, shopping and more in a single space, and you can even add in expenses that are not with DBS, such as your cash expenses.

When you go cashless, we do the work of tracking and categorising for you so that you can cut the mental math and save your brain cells for your assignments and other things!

Insights to make your money work harder

Whether you’re spending more than usual, or you have more than 6 months of emergency savings and are ready to start looking at investments, we’ll share insights and suggestions that are easy to implement so that you can learn how to save, protect and invest your money.

Grows with you, as you grow

Plan & Invest tab in digibank celebrates your moments of joy as you take steps to improve your financial habits, and gives you personalised insights to help you grow your money as you enter into different life stages.


Get better at money now

Login to digibank on your phone or computer, and look for the Plan & Invest tab.

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New to DBS? It’s easy with digibankingNEW!
digibank is the only app you’ll need for an intelligent, secure and intuitive banking experience. Open an account with just your phone and Singpass to enjoy instant approval. Get a headstart with our starter packs, all without the need to visit a branch.

Deposit Insurance Scheme
Monies in DBS PayLah! will be a deposit. SGD deposits are insured up to S$75,000 by SDIC. Find out more about DBS PayLah! here.

You will need:

  • Singpass (Singaporeans, PRs or foreigners who do not have a Singpass account may register here.)
  • A valid mobile number and email address
  • Or these required documents, if applicable

Get DBS digibank now


For existing DBS customer:

You can register for digibank using any of the following methods:

  • ATM/Debit/Credit Card and PIN
  • Singpass Face Verification* (only for Singaporeans and PRs)

*Registration available through digibank mobile app only.

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