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A simpler and more direct way to manage your money anytime, anywhere. DBS PayLah!, digibank, and iWealth enables you to scan and pay at thousands of NETS, SGQR and PayNow QR enabled merchants!

PayLah QR

Fuss-free payment. Just scan and pay on the go!

Look out for the QR codes below at your favourite merchants island-wide so you can scan and pay with your mobile.

Follow the simple steps below for PayLah! and digibank:

DBS PayLah!

Not sure where are our acceptance points?

Look out for these when you make a payment:

Say goodbye to manual top ups for your PayLah! wallet

Be hassle-free when you scan and pay for your purchase! Simply enable the Auto Debit function via ‘Manage PayLah!’ in your settings, upon which you’d never have to maintain your wallet balance again.

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scan and pay

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Scan and Pay?

    Scan and Pay is a functionality on DBS/POSB digibank, DBS iWealth and DBS PayLah! apps which enables customers to scan NETS, PayLah! and PayNow QR codes and make payment at participating merchants.

  2. Who can use Scan and Pay?

    All DBS and POSB customers who have the digibank, DBS iWealth and/or DBS PayLah! app(s) will be able to use Scan and Pay.

  3. Where can I use Scan and Pay?

    The Scan and Pay function can be used at merchants who accept PayLah!, NETS and/or PayNow QR code(s). Simply look out for the logos below.

  4. What is the difference between scanning a Static QR code vs Dynamic QR code?

    Static QR Code Dynamic QR Code
    After the user scans a static QR code, he/she will be prompted to enter the amount payable. User only needs to scan a dynamic QR code to make payment. (No need to enter amount payable)
  5. How to Scan & Pay with DBS/POSB digibank or iWealth on a NETS Terminal?

    When making a purchase at a merchant which accepts PayLah!, NETS and/or PayNow QR Code(s), a user simply needs to:

    1. Click on Scan & Pay icon on the Home Screen to activate the QR Code Scanner. The customer will be authenticated via fingerprint and soft token*.
    2. Verify the payment details reflected on the NETS terminal or the receipt.
    3. Scan the QR Code on the NETS terminal or the receipt.

    Once successful, a confirmation screen will appear on your DBS/POSB digibank or iWealth app and you will receive a confirmation SMS.

    *If the customer has not registered for soft token, he or she has to key in a One Time Password (OTP) received via SMS

  6. What is my daily transfer limit for Scan and Pay?

    The maximum daily transaction limit is capped at S$999 daily. You can set and adjust the daily transaction limit by tapping on Settings > Manage Scan and Pay.

    If you select source account as PayLah!, then PayLah! daily limit will be applicable.

    If you are scanning to pay via a PayNow QR, your existing PayNow limits will apply.

  7. What source accounts can I use for Scan and Pay?

    You can use your current accounts, saving accounts and PayLah! wallet for Scan and Pay service.

  8. Can I set one of my source accounts as default source account for Scan and Pay?

    When you are using Scan and Pay for first time, you will be asked to choose source account for first time and that will be set as a default account for Scan and Pay. You can change default account for Scan and Pay by tapping on Settings > Manage Scan and Pay.

  9. What is PayNow QR?

    PayNow QR is an easier way for consumers to pay corporates and other consumers. By using the “Scan and Pay” function in digibank/iWealth App or “Scan QR” in the PayLah! App, consumers can scan a PayNow QR to initiate a PayNow transfer to the mobile number/UEN of the recipient consumer/corporate respectively.

    For FAQs on PayNow and PayNow QR, you can visit our PayNow page here

  10. How secure is a NETS QR transaction?

    A QR transaction is as secure as a NETS EFTPOS card & PIN transaction. The payment is processed via the scanning of a unique QR Code, which is dynamically generated for every new transaction. Additionally, users have to log in to the DBS/POSB digibank or iWealth or DBS PayLah! app via fingerprint or password login each time to effect a QR Code payment.

  11. Are there any fees associated with using Scan and Pay?

    There are no fees associated with using Scan and Pay.


Terms and Conditions

By making payment using Scan and Pay, you agree to the Terms and Conditions Governing Accounts, Terms and Conditions Governing Electronic Services and the specific terms and conditions set out in the abovementioned FAQs.

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