Terms and Conditions of Use of External Messaging Platforms

  1. I request DBS Bank Ltd. (the “Bank”) to accept, rely and act on my instructions in connection with my account(s) with the Bank transmitted through external messaging platforms, including WhatsApp or WeChat (“External Messaging Platforms”) as we may agree, linked to my registered mobile phone number as I have notified the Bank and/or as I may update from time to time.
  2. I agree, acknowledge and confirm that:
    1. the Bank is authorised to create and administer a group chat or other appropriate means of group communications using the services of the External Messaging Platforms with me, my relationship manager(s) or other Bank officers and a Bank automatic bot number according to the above mandate;
    2. my message sent through the External Messaging Platforms shall not be deemed received by the Bank until the Bank acknowledges receipt of it;
    3. my instructions given through the External Messaging Platforms (“Instructions”) shall be irrevocable, unless I and the Bank agree otherwise in writing;
    4. the Bank is authorised to (but are not obliged to) act on my Instructions. If the Bank acts on my Instructions, I acknowledge that the Bank’s act is subject to its internal checks and limits. I understand, acknowledge and agree that such Instructions may not result in a transaction being executed, if such checks and limits are not fulfilled in the Bank’s discretion. The Bank does not represent in any way that it will execute any such Instructions;
    5. the Bank is not obliged to verify my Instructions. I will be responsible for all Instructions made by the use or purposed use of the External Messaging Platforms by any person, with or without my authority, knowledge or consent and I understand that I may not claim against the Bank in respect of any such use or purported use;
    6. I am aware of the risks associated with the use of electronic communications and means of electronic transmission or server such as the External Messaging Platforms. These risks include errors in transmission, technical defect, power or system failure, fraud, forgery, misunderstanding, identity impersonation, theft or loss including of account(s) or mobile or other devices, phishing, malware, unintended disclosure or unauthorised interception or manipulation by third parties. By authorising the Bank to accept, rely and act on my Instructions, I agree that I shall bear all such risks;
    7. the Bank shall not be liable and I shall not hold the Bank responsible for any inconvenience or Loss (as defined below) which I may suffer arising from and in connection with:
      1. my sending Instructions (except where the Loss is attributable to the Bank’s fraud or wilful default) or my entering of any information intended for the above chatgroup or single chatgroup;
      2. the Bank’s execution of any Instruction given or purported to be given by me, notwithstanding that the integrity of the Instructions may have been compromised or impaired during transmission, provided that such compromise or impairment would not have been apparent to a reasonable person receiving such instructions;
      3. any Instructions not being transmitted to or received by the Bank due to system or server maintenance or breakdown/non-availability of the network or server of the External Messaging Platforms;
      4. any failure by the Bank to execute a transaction if such failure arises from a failure of, or any unauthorised and/or unlawful access to, any machine, data processing system or transmission link or any act of force majeure such as acts of God, war, warlike-hostilities, civil commotions, riots, blockades, embargoes, sabotage, strikes, lock-outs, fire, flood, shortage of material or labour, delay in deliveries from agents or any event outside the Bank’s control;
    8. the Bank may at any time, without notice and without giving a reason, and without liability to me or any third party limit, change, suspend or terminate this arrangement of accepting my Instructions.
  3. I will indemnify and hold the Bank, the Bank’s officers, employees, directors, agents and any persons acting on the Bank’s behalf harmless from and against all losses, claims, actions, proceedings, demands, damages, fines, penalties, duties, charges, liabilities, costs and expenses (including costs on an indemnity basis) (“Loss”) incurred or sustained by the Bank of whatever nature and howsoever arising out of or in connection with the Bank acting in accordance with any such Instructions.
  4. These terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore and I irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore.