Retirement digiPortfolio

What is the Retirement Portfolio?

The Retirement Portfolio is a ready-made portfolio that helps you invest for your retirement, starting from S$1,000 without any lock-in. It offers the perfect match of human expertise and robo-technology, providing an instant, cost-effective way to grow and glide into retirement with ease.

How does the Retirement Portfolio work?

The Retirement Portfolio is a single investment solution which employs a ‘glidepath’ strategy.

The investment team considers current market conditions in managing the portfolio. Additionally for the Retirement Portfolio, your portfolio allocation will shift based on your own timeline to retirement.

When you are further out from retirement, the portfolio allocation is geared towards higher risk assets such as equities to help you accumulate and grow your wealth over years to retirement. The longer time horizon to retirement would also allow for your portfolio to ride out ups and downs of markets.

Over the years and as you move closer to retirement, risk is gradually dialled back by reducing allocation in higher risk assets and increasing allocation to fixed income funds, building a more conservative and stable portfolio to ease into your retirement years.

Who is the Retirement Portfolio designed for?

You can consider the Retirement Portfolio if:

  • You want to invest to build your wealth for retirement
  • You don't have time to actively monitor markets
  • You want experts to nurture your investments
  • You want to supplement other insurance / investments to reach your retirement goals