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About DBS’s Corporate Financial Health Program

Most employee benefit programs focus on health in mind and body. Studies have shown that the employees’ financial wellbeing is also an important factor. A financially healthy employee translates to more commitment and higher productivity while working.

DBS’s Corporate Financial Health Program will empower employees with the know-how, tools and solutions to make better informed decisions to achieve financial wellness. This is part of our support to companies and their valued employees to boost their financial wellness and resilience.

The program can take the form of lunch time talks or half-day and one-day workshops over a period.

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Who will benefit

The program is for employees who want to get better at money and personal finance; from saving, protection, investment, debt management, home planning, retirement, estate planning and more.

NAV University

Tap on a wealth of financial planning insights from our experts to upgrade your financial knowledge. Access articles and virtual financial literacy sessions to have all your burning questions answered and boost your resilience.

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NAV Planner, A Digital Financial Advisor

Make use of NAV Planner in DBS/POSB digibank to get a bird’s eye view of your finances and receive easy-to-implement personalised tips and insights to save, protect and grow your money.

For current DBS/POSB customers, login to DBS/POSB digibank and click on the Plan tab.

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