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Parents, did you know your child’s award monies can be paid out via PayNow-NRIC? With Edusave award monies being sent to your child’s account instantly, you no longer have to worry about queues or delay! Prep your kids ahead of time and have everything set to receive future school awards easily.

Simply fill up the form below to register your child’s NRIC for PayNow, from 10 June to 30 September 2021. Plus, the earlier you fill up the form, the faster your registration status will be sent!

Register My Child

Simply register your child’s NRIC for PayNow online with DBS!


More convenience

Simply fill up the form online from 10 June to 30 September

Forget about going to the branch to apply for PayNow

Fill up by 31 July,
registration status will be sent by end August
Fill up by 30 September,
registration status will be sent by end October


Lesser waiting & processing time

Edusave award monies will be credited to your child’s bank account instantly

Skip the hassle of depositing cheque and queues at branches


If your child does not have an existing account, open a Joint-alternate My Account together with your child online now.

No minimum balance

$1 gift deposit1

Complimentary POPULAR 1-year student membership2

Personalise a special nickname for your joint account with your child.

Apply Now

1Gift deposit for anyone below 21 years old.
2For child age below 16 years old at the point of account opening. The redemption email will be sent to eligible customer registered email within one week of account opening.

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