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There’s a simpler way to exchange your foreign currency or make a remittance without withdrawing cash.

Skip the ATM queues and just scan to pay with DBS/POSB digibank or DBS iWealth®. It’s that fast and easy!

Plus receive up to S$10 rebate1 when you’re one of the first 5,000 customers to exchange or remit with DBS/POSB digibank or DBS iWealth®!

Click here for the full list of our participating merchant2 outlets.

1The rebate is applicable on the 1st successful transaction completed by the first 5,000 customers using DBS/POSB digibank or DBS iWealth® Scan & Pay functionality to scan the PayNow QR on display at any of our participating merchants outlets to complete their payment transaction. Rebate is 1% on transaction amount and up to S$10.00 cap. Minimum transaction amount of S$500.00 to qualify.

2Refers to money changers and remittance houses participating in this promotion.

Full terms and conditions apply. Click here for details.

How it works

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Download DBS iWealth® now!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scan and Pay?

Scan and Pay is a functionality on DBS/POSB digibank and DBS iWealth® apps which enables customers to scan PayNow QR codes and make payment at participating merchants outlets.

Who can use Scan and Pay?

All DBS and POSB customers who have digibank and/or DBS iWealth® app(s) will be able to use Scan and Pay.

Where can I use Scan and Pay?

The Scan and Pay function can be used at participating merchants outlets which accept payment via the scanning of PayNow QR code(s). Simply refer to this list of participating merchants outlets and/or look out for below PayNow QR logo on display!

How do I know if I am among the first 5,000 customers who will receive the rebate and how much rebate will I get?

Your rebate will be credited to your bank account within 2 calendar weeks in the following calendar month from your original payment transaction date. Refer to full terms & conditions for more details on expected crediting dates. You will also receive an electronic direct mailer sent to your email address registered with the bank within 5 working days after your rebate has been credited. The electronic direct mailer will indicate your credited rebate amount, as well as the last 4 digit of your credited account for easy reference.

How do I know what is my Scan & Pay Daily Transfer Limit?

Your Scan & Pay Daily Transfer Limit is the same as your Daily Local Fund Transfer Limit. You can check and change this limit online via DBS/POSB digibank app.

To check your limit

  1. Log in to DBS/POSB digibank or DBS iWealth® app
  2. Tap on “More”, under “Transfer Settings”, select “Local Transfer Limit”
  3. Select the Local Transfer Limit you wish to see: “To Other Banks”

To change your limit

  1. Log in to DBS/POSB digibank or DBS iWealth® app
  2. Tap on “More”, under “Transfer Settings” select “Local Transfer Limit”
  3. Select “To Other Banks”
  4. Choose the new Local Transfer Limit you wish to set
  5. Select “Next” to review the details and select “Change Daily Limit Now” to complete the change

I am trying to make a Scan & Pay transaction, why am I prompted that a digital token is needed?

  • You’ll be able to perform transactions of up to a cumulative daily limit of S$1,000 without requiring your digital token.
  • If you’re performing a transaction that is above the cumulative daily limit of S$1,000, you will be prompted to perform a transaction authorisation using your digital token.

How do I activate my digital token?

For new customers without a DBS Secure Device (Physical token)

  1. Login to DBS/POSB digibank or DBS iWealth® app and click “Set up now”.
  2. Follow the steps displayed to set up your digital token using SMS and Email OTP.

For existing customers with a DBS Secure Device (Physical Token)

  1. Login to DBS/POSB digibank or DBS iWealth® app and click “Set up now”.
  2. Verify your email address.
    For your security, an additional verification using Email OTP is required when you perform your first high risk transaction, upon setup of your Digital Token.
  3. Follow the steps displayed to set up your digital token using your DBS Secure Device.
    • Press and hold O on your DBS Secure Device until you see a dash on the screen.
    • Enter the 6-digit SMS OTP sent to your registered mobile phone into the DBS Secure Device.
    • Press O again to generate a Secure PIN. Enter the Secure PIN into your digibank or DBS iWealth® app.

Refer to more details on digital token set up here.

Terms and Conditions

By making payment using Scan and Pay, you agree to the Terms and Conditions Governing Accounts, Terms and Conditions Governing Electronic Services and full terms and conditions of this promotion.


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