Mobile banking can be simple and safe! Learn how you can do mobile banking like a pro, while safeguarding yourself against scams and frauds from Singapore’s No. 1 DBS fan, Kim Huat.

Do mobile banking like a pro with digibank

With DBS digibank, you can LIVE SIMPLER and safer, whether you’re checking your bank balance or shopping at your favourite online store.

With just a couple of taps on your mobile phone, you’ll have your banking information at your fingertips. And since only you can access or approve transactions, you can bank and shop securely on your phone anytime, anywhere. No masks, no crowds, and no queues.

Learn how to bank like a pro and stay safe with Kim Huat in this video:

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Get started on digibank with these quick guides:

1. Set up your new digibank account
All you need is your phone, ATM card number and PIN, and our guide will get you started.

2. Learn how to track your expenses

See where your money goes and keep track of the bills you need to pay on digibank.

3. Check your account balance

Need a Pay Day mood lifter? Check your account balance anytime, anywhere, and view your transaction history.

4. Register for PayNow and transfer funds instantly on digibank
Don’t like to search for an ATM or carry cash around? PayNow lets you pay anyone instantly with just their mobile or NRIC/FIN number.

5. Update your contact details

Just moved house or changed your mobile number? Just update your details on digibank instantly!

Your best defence against fraud and scams is to #BSHARP online

#BSHARP pro, Kim Huat, also shares his top tips on how to keep your accounts and money secure so you can LIVE SIMPLER and safer:

Some quick dos and don’ts:

For more #BSHARP tips, visit:


Need help on other transactions? No worries. Check out our guides on these common transactions and more:


Don’t have digibank mobile yet?

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