Instalment Payment Plan (IPP)

Apply for instalment payment plans at 0% interest directly at our participating merchants. Otherwise choose DBS/POSB My Preferred Payment Plan!

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Instalment Payment Plans can be set up directly with our participating merchants, just ask for the plan at the merchant before you make your purchase.

Alternatively if your purchase is not with our participating merchants, you may wish to find out more on our
My Preferred Payment Plan!

Please note that My Preferred Payment Plans includes a One-Time Processing Fee (based on transaction amount)


You may choose to spread your payments over 3, 6, 12, 18, or 24 months.

Upon successful set up of the Instalment Payment Plan with the merchant:

  • The purchase amount will be charged in full to your Credit Card and
  • It will be progressively reduced upon each Instalment paid over the course of the Instalment Payment Plan.
  • Monthly instalment amount payable will be reflected on your monthly DBS/POSB Credit Card Statements.
Terms and Conditions
  • Purchases made through Instalment Payment Plan will not earn DBS Rewards Points or Daily$.
  • If you decide to cancel your Credit Card, any instalment plans that is currently financed through the Card will be terminated and made payable immediately.
  • Additionally, an administrative charge of S$150 will be levied for each Instalment Payment Plan(s) being terminated.

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