Open a CPF Investment Account with DBS/POSB

Apply for your CPF Investment(CPFIA) Account with DBS/POSB online.

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  • CPFIA is a channel for investing your CPF savings. Investing your CPF money allows you to reap greater potential gains, enriching your savings for a comfortable retirement.
  • You can start investing if you have at least S$20,000 in your CPF Ordinary Account (OA). From 1 April 2008, only monies in excess of $20,000 in your Ordinary Account can be invested.
  • Investments you buy using your CPF OA will get deposited into your CPFIA. These are exchanged for your CPF monies.
  • When you sell your investments, they are deducted from your CPFIA. Any cash you get in exchange is deposited into the CPFIA. To transfer funds back to your CPF ordinary account you may refer to Transfer from CPF Investment Account to CPF Ordinary Account.

Items to prepare

If you are a new to bank customer, please open an Account with DBS/POSB here before proceeding with this application.

Please ensure you:

How to apply

Open a CPF Investment Account Online

More information

  • Your application to open a CPF Investment Account will be rejected, if the SAQ is incomplete and the information provided is not true or inaccurate.

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