Request for Partial Repayment of Home Loan

Submit your application or check your application status to make an ad-hoc repayment to reduce your outstanding loan balance via our digibot.

Important information

  • Minimum amount is S$10,000, in multiples of S$1,000.
  • Deduction date will be one month after the partial repayment request has been submitted.
  • Prepayment charges and/or clawback of fees will apply if the repayment is made within the commitment period.
  • For payment in cash, the repayment amount will be deducted from your loan servicing account.
  • For payment using CPF funds, please give your instruction to CPF Board after submission of your request to us, via the CPF website. Steps to do so are available here.
    • In the event of a joint-borrower situation kindly indicate the amount of CPF contribution from each borrower, separately.
  • Your instalment amount will be revised when you partially prepay while the remaining loan tenure remains unchanged. Information on the new instalment amount will be communicated to you over mail to your property mailing address.
  • Upon successful deduction of the partial repayment amount, you will receive a notification letter to inform you of the revised monthly instalment within 2 weeks after the payment deduction date.
  • To check your application status, complete the authentication in step 1 and click Check existing request.

How to Request for Partial Repayment of Home Loan

DBS digibot
phone frame
Step 1
Launch our digibot, and complete the authentication using either your iBanking Login or Card & PIN. Select Submit new request.
Step 2
Verify that your contact information with the bank is up to date and select Yes.
Step 3
Select Partial Repayment.
Step 4
Select the Loan Account that you would like to make the partial repayment on.
Step 5
Select the sub-loan account that you would like to effect the change on.
Step 6
If you have previously submitted a repayment request via DBS digibot, this screen will highlight the most recent submission.
Select Yes if you would like to proceed for a partial repayment for a different loan account or sub-loan.
Step 7
Select Acknowledged after reviewing the important notes. If the repayment is made within the commitment period, additional charges may apply. Select Proceed and deduct fee from LSA if you are agreeable.
Step 8
Select on your preferred payment mode. Indicate your prepayment amount. If you would like to settle via both Cash & CPF, indicate your desired mix here.
Step 9
For CPF payment mode, in the event of a joint borrower, you will be asked if the joint-borrower will be contributing CPF monies toward the repayment.
Step 10
Indicate the joint-borrower’s NRIC and CPF contribution amount.
Step 11
Tap Proceed after reviewing your payment date.
Step 12
Select Complete after reviewing your selections and inputs. Tap Submit to complete your partial repayment application.
Step 13
Your request has been submitted successfully.
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