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We believe that we can help create a more sustainable and inclusive society and we’re here to take small but important steps with you, towards economic and social development of our nation. Being sustainable means considering the needs of future generations while making sure we thrive in the present. This means no one should be left behind and here is how we do it – with your help.

Providing access to affordable and appropriate financial services


Building sustainable digital solutions while ensuring our services are constantly suited to your needs


Through the following initiatives, the bank actively empowers our society to make sound financial decisions by enhancing their financial literacy.

Serving the Community
Beyond banking, our colleagues at POSB are dedicated to supporting community development and promoting financial literacy to both young and old
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POSB Save As You Serve (SAYS)
We are proud to partner with HomeTeamNS and SAFRA to provide added rewards, tips and deals to our country’s national servicemen. This is our way of recognizing their efforts.
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NAV Planner
A one-stop planning tool that takes in all your financial information from CPF, HDB, IRAS and other banks to give you a holistic view of your financial wellness. And empowers you with personalised insights and tips. So you can make better, informed financial decisions. Not just for a day, a month or a year – but as you go through life.
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Online Banking for Migrant Workers
Banking made easier for our migrant worker community, so they can access services customised to their needs including overseas transfer, topping up prepaid cards, and much more.
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POSB Smart Buddy
To inculcate the value of saving and spending wisely from young, we created a digital payment ecosystem that encourages financial literacy from young through the world’sfirst in-school savings and payments wearable on your child’s wrist.
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Talking ATMS
We leverage technology to avail financial services to all our customers including those with special needs. In collaboration with the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped, talking ATMs are now available island-wide with more than 600 locations to empower visually handicapped customers to perform basic banking transactions independently.
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Caring for our planet is now made easier for all

Your banking eStatements
Switch from paper to e-Statements today to help reduce carbon emissions and save our global environment. Not only is it fast and convenient, but it is also safe and secure – accessible via our secure iBanking
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DBS Home & Living Marketplace
You can now switch to an eco-friendly electricity plan today. Through our comparison tool and hassle free-payments, customers can enjoy more savings while doing their part for our planet.  
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What is your banking carbon footprint?

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How can you contribute to Sustainability

The power to change the world is in your hands. You can now do your part and LiveBetter all on our digibank app. Contribute to meaningful causes, invest in a better future and more, with a few simple taps.

Download DBS digibank now to LiveBetter.



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