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Exchange currencies in just a few taps

Access 11 different currencies instantly via digibank and enjoy zero fx conversion fees when you spend them.

Enjoy 2% cashback when on holiday

Spend your foreign currency with no transaction fees and get cashback on all your spend–even online shopping!

Stay worry-free when you travel

Set spending limits, lock your card anytime and selectively enable/disable card functions–all via digibank.

Here's a fun fact: your DBS Visa Debit Card and multi-currency accounts (that's your Multiplier Account or My Account) are actually made for travel! With them, you get all the power of a travel wallet paired with the security of a bank. So the next time you pack your bags for a trip, just know that you won't have to look very far to enjoy a hassle-free and worry-free travel wallet.


Switch 11 currencies anytime, anywhere

Getting your hands on foreign currency has never been easier, because you already hold the power to exchange currencies in your hands!

In just a few taps you can switch your Singapore Dollars (SGD) to:
Australian Dollar (AUD) Norwegian Kroner (NOK)
Canadian Dollar (CAD) Sterling Pound (GBP)
Euro (EUR) Swedish Kroner (SEK)
Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) Thai Baht (THB)
Japanese Yen (JPY) US Dollar (USD)
New Zealand Dollar (NZD)  

Here's how:

Step 1
Log in to digibank Mobile with your Touch / Face ID or digibank User ID & PIN.

Step 2
Tap Pay & Transfer.

Step 3
Tap Exchange Currency.

Step 4
Select the Fund Source you wish to transfer from. Next, scroll and select the Transfer Currency and enter the Amount to be transferred.

Step 5
Review the exchange transaction and tap Exchange Now.

Step 6
Your foreign currency exchange is completed.


No locked up leftovers

With your DBS multi-currency accounts and Visa Debit Card, you won't have any loose change left in your travel wallet. Simply switch leftover currencies back to SGD and it'll be in your account in just a few taps!


Get more bang for your buck overseas

With your DBS Visa Debit Card, you can enjoy up to 2% cashback on all your overseas spending–even online purchases! And when you pay for your meals, shopping, or travel experiences in any of the 11 supported currencies, you'll save on FX transaction fees too.


Worry free, like travel should be

The whole point of travelling is to let go of all your stresses and worries. Which is why keeping your money safe is of utmost importance to us. With Payment Controls on your digibank app, you can enable or disable card features, set spend limits, even temporarily lock your card if you misplace it.

Step 1
Log in to digibank Mobile with your Touch / Face ID or digibank User ID & PIN.

Step 2
Under Home, tap More.

Step 3
Under Manage Cards & Loans, select payment Controls.

Step 4
Select the Card you wish to customise and toggle Switch Off to disable the function.

Step 5
Contactless Transactions are not allowed on this card.

All these safety features were put in place to minimise any risk of you losing your hard-earned cash, while maximising your enjoyment on your well-deserved holiday. On top of that, Travel Mode also allows you to keep on top of your spending and check your FX balance effortlessly–so you have the peace of mind to enjoy your holiday exactly the way you intended.


Travel with DBS

So, the next time you're planning a holiday, make sure you keep the ultimate travel wallet–your DBS multi-currency accounts and Visa Debit Card–close at hand!

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DBS Visa Debit Card

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Launch digibank app, login, select More > Apply > Cards.

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My Account

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Deposit Insurance Schemes
Singapore dollar deposits of non-bank depositors and monies and deposits denominated in Singapore dollars under the Supplementary Retirement Scheme are insured by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation, for up to S$75,000 in aggregate per depositor per Scheme member by law. Monies and deposits denominated in Singapore dollars under the CPF Investment Scheme and CPF Retirement Sum Scheme are aggregated and separately insured up to S$75,000 for each depositor per Scheme member. Foreign currency deposits, dual currency investments, structured deposits and other investment products are not insured.

Conversions between currencies involve fluctuations and are subject to exchange controls. If you are converting from another currency to place the deposit and intend to convert it to the original currency, exchange rate fluctuations could cause the converted amount to be less than your original amount.

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