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Participating Companies

These are the Electricity providers currently available on Home & Living Marketplace.


Hotline No.: 6363 6677 
Email: info@geneco.sg

Keppel Electric

Hotline No.: 6803 3000
Email: enquiry@keppelelectric.com


Hotline No: 6266 1188
Email: care@pacificlight.com.sg


Hotline No.: 6255 5623
Email: customercare@sunseap.com

Tuas Power

Hotline No.: 6838 6888
Email: cuscare@tuaspower.com.sg

Union Power

Hotline No.: 6858 5555
Email: enquiry@unionpower.com.sg

Note: Retailer ratings are based on residential consumers’ responses to the Energy Market Authority’s (EMA) Consumer Satisfaction Survey.

This does not represent the full list of available retailers in the market. For the full list, please refer to the Open Electricity Market website here.


These are the Telecommunication providers currently available on Home & Living Marketplace.





These are the Renovation partners currently available on Home & Living Marketplace.




Frequently Asked Questions


Electricity - Things to note

Fixed Rate

Pay the same rate throughout the contract duration, regardless how tariffs# change. Choose this if you prefer the certainty of paying a rate that does not change, even when Singapore Power tariffs fluctuate.

Discounted Rate

Enjoy a fixed discount off the tariff set by Singapore Power. The rate you pay may change, depending on tariff fluctuation. If you’re confident tariffs will drop, or are not fussed about minor price fluctuations, this plan would suit you.

#The regulated tariff is the rate at which SP Services charges its customers for electricity usage. It is reviewed every quarter.

Standard Price Plans

There are no surprises with a standard price plan. What you see is what you get, which gives users peace of mind.

Non-Standard Price Plans

These plans offer greater flexibility in pricing structure, which may be a better fit for you if your usage pattern deviates from the norm. Always check your plan fact sheet for the details, as each plan differs from retailer to retailer.

Here are the key differences between Standard and Non-Standard Price Plans:

  Standard Price Plan Non-Standard Price Plan
Fixed rate
Discounted Rate
Peak/off-peak rate
Same price structure throughout contract
Price structure may vary during contract
All applicable charges included
There may be additional fees and charges
Contract duration 6, 12, 24 months Not limited to 6,12, 24 months

Clean Energy

A clean energy source is derived from renewable, low-emission resources such as wind, sun, and hydropower. In Singapore, some retailers offer plans that are a blend of green power and fossil fuel energy sources.

Carbon-Neutral Energy

With a carbon-neutral energy supply, part of your bill is used to offset the environmental cost of producing electricity, via the purchase of carbon credits. These are used to fund projects that reduce greenhouse gases.

Carbon Tax

Introduced in 2019, carbon taxes are intended to curb energy usage and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The higher your electricity usage, the higher your carbon tax, though some retailers may absorb it.

Hidden Costs

Always check your plan fact sheet before you select your plan. What appears to be the cheapest plan may have hidden costs such as additional fees and charges for paper bills, meter installation, and early termination to name a few.

You will need to be a DBS/POSB customer with digibank (iBanking), a valid email address and contact number. If you are an existing SP services customer, you will also need your SP Services Utility account no. 89XXXXXXXX. This can be found on your top left-hand corner of your SP Services utilities bill.

If you do not have a DBS/ POSB account, please sign up here. Upon completion, you may proceed to start your application via our portal.

Currently this portal is only open to DBS/POSB customers with digibank, a valid email address and contact number. You may use the portal after you have signed up for digibank.

To find out more about digibank, click here.

New to digibank?
Apply now

It depends on the retailer and price plan. Some retailers may offer a smart meter, which you may need to install a new meter. Your new retailer will contact you if it is required.

Your new retailer will work with SP services to ensure a smooth transition during the switching period.

Yes, all households can switch back to buying electricity from SP Group at the regulated tariff. Please check with your retailer if any early termination or other charges that may apply, before making the decision to switch back.

You will continue to receive your water, gas and refuse bill from SP Services. The electricity bill will be sent separately by your new retailer.

Your new retailer will inform you on the transfer date upon confirmation of sign up by the retailer.

For more information, you may refer to the Energy Market Authority at https://www.ema.gov.sg or the Open Electricity Market at https://www.openelectricitymarket.sg

For enquiries on the electricity price plans and retailers, please reach out to the retailer directly.

You may switch your electricity provider on DBS Marketplace as long as you:

  • Have a utilities account with SP Services.
  • Are a DBS/POSB customer with digibank.
  • Have a valid email address and contact number.

Telco - Things to note

SIM only mobile plan
Receive large data offerings with SMS and talk time at a low price and enjoy the freedom of switching plans with no added penalties. This no frills, no strings attached option is suitable for the data guzzlers!

Combo plan
Enjoy discounted devices when you sign up for a fixed contract plan with little to no upfront payments required. This option is for the tech collector who takes pride in owning the latest mobile phone in the market!

Simply view the available price plans on the portal by filtering for your preferred monthly data usage and price per month. Click on the "sign up" button to be redirected to the respective partner websites to complete application.

Click on the "Sign Up" button on DBS Home & Living Marketplace and ensure that the promo code has been input in the promo code field before completing your application

Please check the validity of the promotion and redemption caps in the given T&Cs on DBS Home & Living Marketplace. If not, please reach out to the respective customer service centres:

Circles.Life Customer Service

You may switch your telco provider on DBS Marketplace as long as you:

  • Are a DBS/POSB Cardmember.
  • Click through the link and apply the promotion codes for the respective partners during checkout to enjoy the stated promotions.

Renovation - Things to note

Discover the interior home design ideas and get matched with recommended local interior firms by our partners. Click on the "Enquire now" button to be redirected to the respective partner websites to submit a quote request. The renovation partner will contact you and match your renovation requirements with recommended local interior firms.

Most of the projects do not include furniture and appliances. Submit a quote request with the renovation partner to get quotes and pick the best match.

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