Strong performance of digiPortfolio

Strong performance of digiPortfolio in Q1'19

digiPortfolio 1Q 2019 performance

In March 2019, we introduced digiPortfolio. Our latest innovation in robo-investing, combining human expertise and robo-technology. Since the launch, our Global Portfolio & Global Portfolio Plus have delivered encouraging performance across all risk levels.

1Q 2019 Slow n Steady Comfy Cruisin Fast n Furious
Global Portfolio SGD 5.2% 7.9% 10.2%
USD 5.5% 8.3% 10.6%
Global Portfolio Plus SGD 5.5% 8.5% 10.8%
USD 5.8% 9.0% 11.4%

Indicative Model Portfolio Gross returns.
Individual performance may vary.

Rebalanced for resilience

At the start of 2Q, the DBS investment team evaluated the market and reviewed the holdings of all 12 digiPortfolios. Where necessary, the holdings of selected portfolios were modified to align with the views of the Chief Investment Office. ‘This ensures the portfolios remain resilient to market volatility and optimal in providing returns.’

To view the Investment Team’s commentary on the portfolios and rationale for rebalancing, log into iWealth®.

Start a digiPortfolio, or top up an existing one

If you would like to start investing in a digiPortfolio, simply select an investment portfolio, choose your risk level and pick an investment amount, all in just 5 clicks and under 60 seconds.

We have now also introduced a top up feature to allow existing investors to conveniently increase their investment in an existing portfolio.

Only available on DBS iWealth®. Learn more about digiPortfolio.

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