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PayNowSend or receive money from anyone ^ with just a mobile number

Local Funds Transfer

Local TransfersFast and convenient ways to transfer funds between accounts over mobile, internet and ATM banking channels.

Android Pay

Android PayTap. Pay. Enjoy.

DBS Remit

DBS RemitSimple. Swift. Seamless.

International Transfers and Payments

International Transfers and PaymentsTo enable you to meet your need for funds in different countries, we have a fast, easy and safe way to move your money to over 150 countries in more than 20 currencies.

Local Bill Payments

Local Bill PaymentsProviding you an easy and hassle free way to pay your bills is a priority for us, so you can save your time for more important items.

Samsung Pay

Samsung PayTap and be rewarded

Apple Pay

Apple PayIt’s the simple, secure and quick way to pay.

Sign up for DBS iBanking

Sign up for DBS iBanking

Looking for a safe, fast, convenient way to bank and manage your wealth? Get started with DBS iBanking now!

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Bank on the go with digibank app

Bank on the go with mBanking

Get started with DBS digibank app– one of the leading, most widely used mobile banking platforms in Singapore.

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Simplest way to go dutch - DBS Paylah!

Simplest way to go dutch - DBS Paylah!

It's so simple to share a meal, a movie or anything at all with your buddies! Simply whip out your phone and send cash instantly with DBS Paylah!

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