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FX and Cash Management

Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit

Foreign Currency Fixed DepositFixed Deposit in foreign currencies offer you a chance for foreign exchange gains on top of the earned interest.

Currency Linked Investments

Currency Linked InvestmentsThis is a dual currency investment that involves a currency option, giving you the opportunity to earn an enhanced yield based on your view of the movements of the exchange rate in the future and the risk undertaken.

DBS Online Foreign Exchange

DBS Online Foreign ExchangeEnjoy better rates on foreign currencies on-the-go.

Fixed Income

Investment Grade Bonds

Investment Grade BondsBy investing in these bonds, you can generate a stable and secure stream of investment income.

Money Market Instruments

Money Market InstrumentsMoney Market Instruments are short dated debt instruments generally issued by supra national governments, financial institutions or corporations. They include Treasury Bills, Certificates of Deposits and Commercial paper.

Singapore Savings Bonds

Singapore Savings BondsTo provide individuals with a long-term savings option that offers safe returns


Understanding stocks and shares

Direct EquitiesLearn about cash equities and how you can enjoy returns.

Traded like a stock with diversified exposure of a fund

Traded like a stock with diversified exposure of a fundUnderstand how ETFs can offer diversified exposure to a range of equities and be easily traded like stocks.

Structured products linked to underlying stocks

Equity Linked InvestmentsStructured products linked to an underlying stock.

Knowing stocks inside out

Knowing stocks inside outUse technical and fundamental analysis, as well as basic charts to assess stock performance.

Investment strategies

Investment strategiesDetermine an investment strategy of whether blue-chip, dividend or growth stocks suit you best.

Research and expert insights

Research and expert insightsFind out how DBS Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and DBS Group Research curate global and Singapore stock picks for your selection.

Structured Investments

Notes With Return of Principal on Maturity

Notes With Return of Principal on MaturityThe potential return from this type of notes is dependent on the performance of an underlying financial instrument.

Yield Enhancement Notes

Yield Enhancement NotesThe potential return from a Yield Enhancement Note is dependent on the performance of an underlying financial instrument.

Participating Notes

Participating NotesReturns from a Participating Note are dependent on the performance of an underlying financial instrument.


Understanding Funds and Unit Trusts

Money Market FundsFunds are professionally-managed investments to help grow your wealth.

Analysing Funds

Analysing FundsA fact sheet to a fund is like a synopsis to a book. Navigating a fund fact sheet need not be an arduous task if you just zoom in on the essential information.

Investment strategies

Investment strategiesSelect funds that match your investment goals, preferred time horizon and risk profile.

Know your risk profile

Know your risk profileThe key to successful investing is in understanding and managing risks appropriately.

Research and expert insights

Research and expert insightsOur Funds Selection Team conducts rigorous research to offer you insights and expert analysis of over 180 funds.

Investment Goal Calculators

Investment Goal CalculatorsCompute in an instant what it takes to attain your investment goals.

Investment Financing

Multi-Currency Revolving Term Loan

Multi-Currency Revolving Term LoanMaximises the potential of your existing investments and enjoy financial flexibility to capitalise on new investment opportunities across global currencies at any time.

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