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DBS is proud to partner with the Government Technology Agency (GovTech) to launch the first ever Singpass Face Verification on digibank mobile. Be amongst the first in Singapore to experience Singpass Face Verification when you sign up for digibank mobile.

Biometrics scanning is a more secure mechanism than password which can be cracked easily when people set those that are easy to guess or to be shared around.


Features & Benefits

  • Instant digibank account activation for existing account or credit card holders.
  • It’s safe as it reduces identity and impersonation theft – with a multi-layered security approach, SMS-OTP is still required after the Singpass Face Verification has been performed
  • Easy to sign up via digibank – it works with any smartphone with a front-facing camera
  • Quick retrieval of your digibank User ID

Who can use this

  • All Singapore citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents with a Singpass account
  • Any DBS/POSB customers who wish to sign up for digibank
  • Any existing digibank customer who wants to retrieve or change their existing User ID

How it works

How to sign up for digibank mobile
  • Step 1: Enter your personal details
  • Step 2: Take a selfie and it will match against your NRIC/Passport photo from the Government’s biometric database as the digibank mobile app is integrated with GovTech’s latest software
  • Step 3: Enter the SMS-OTP sent to your DBS-registered mobile number
  • Step 4: Enter your desired digibank credentials and you are done!

#BSHARP tip: Remember to always Protect your Information – Never disclose your digibank credentials such as your User ID and PIN!


Apply now

New to DBS? It’s easy to start with digibanking.

A new wave of banking has arrived. One that works behind the scenes to give you a banking experience that best fits you, without even needing to step into a branch. Dive right into DBS digibanking to open an account easily. Applies to foreigners with Singpass too!

Sign up directly on DBS digibank

Skip visiting branches and filling out long forms. Download the DBS digibank app and set up your account anytime, anywhere.
​Register fuss-free with Myinfo with Singpass and enjoy quick access to MyAccount, DBS Visa Debit Card and more. ​

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It’s the perfect companion app for all your lifestyle needs. Shop, dine, ride, book, earn rewards and more. You can move between digibank and PayLah! with just a one-time login. These two companion apps are connected for you to enjoy banking and lifestyle services seamlessly.

Unlock everything at your fingertips

Save, plan, remit, invest – all at your fingertips, literally with fingerprint or Face ID access. Bye-bye passwords!

Download digibank app now



Frequently Asked Questions

Singpass Face Verification is a national facial identification service and DBS is using this technology to allow customers to sign up for digibank and/or retrieve their digibank User ID conveniently.

  • All Singapore citizens and Singapore PRs with a Singpass account
  • Any DBS/POSB customers who wish to sign up for digibank
  • Any existing digibank customers who wish to retrieve or change their existing User ID

No, Singpass Face Verification is only available on digibank mobile.

  • If you are wearing glasses, make sure your eyes are clearly visible. No tinted glasses.
  • If you are wearing headgear, ensure that your whole face is visible.
  • Be in a well-lit environment so that your face can be seen clearly.
  • Maintain a neutral expression when taking the selfie.

Some of the common reasons for an unsuccessful Singpass Face Verification include:

  • The camera was not angled directly at the user’s face
  • The user’s eyes were closed
  • The user was facing away from the camera
  • The user was in an environment with poor lighting

Your captured photo is used to compare against your NRIC or Passport photo records from the Government’s biometric database instantly.

No, DBS does not store your captured photo.

There are no charges for using this service.

Yes, you may use your Card and PIN to register for digibank / retrieve and change your digibank User ID.

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