Sign up for digibank easily with Singpass Face Verification

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Singpass Face Verification?

Singpass Face Verification is a national facial identification service and DBS is using this technology to allow customers to sign up for digibank and/or retrieve their digibank User ID conveniently.

Who can use this service?
  • All Singapore citizens and Singapore PRs with a Singpass account
  • Any DBS/POSB customers who wish to sign up for digibank
  • Any existing digibank customers who wish to retrieve or change their existing User ID
Is Singpass Face Verification available on digibank online?

No, Singpass Face Verification is only available on digibank mobile.

Are there any tips for a successful Singpass Face Verification?
  • If you are wearing glasses, make sure your eyes are clearly visible. No tinted glasses.
  • If you are wearing headgear, ensure that your whole face is visible.
  • Be in a well-lit environment so that your face can be seen clearly.
  • Maintain a neutral expression when taking the selfie.
Why was my Singpass Face Verification unsuccessful?

Some of the common reasons for an unsuccessful Singpass Face Verification include:

  • The camera was not angled directly at the user’s face
  • The user’s eyes were closed
  • The user was facing away from the camera
  • The user was in an environment with poor lighting
How is my captured photo being used?

Your captured photo is used to compare against your NRIC or Passport photo records from the Government’s biometric database instantly.

Does DBS store my captured photo?

No, DBS does not store your captured photo.

Are there any charges for using this service?

There are no charges for using this service.

Are there other ways to register for digibank / retrieve my digibank User ID?

Yes, you may use your Card and PIN to register for digibank / retrieve and change your digibank User ID.

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