Signs of Malware Infections

Your computer will show some signs if it is infected with a malware. Signs of malware infections may vary, but some of them include:

  • Your browser homepage is suddenly different.
  • When you launch your browser, it redirects you to a different website without a warning.
  • Your browser can’t load the website you are visiting, even though your internet connection is fine.
  • You see an unusual surge in pop-up messages.
  • You suddenly see unfamiliar programs or toolbars.

5 Steps to take if you suspect that your computer is infected with a malware:

Follow these steps if you experience any of the above especially while banking online, or if you suspect that your computer is infected with a malware.

1. Disconnect from the Internet. This is to prevent the malware from having a connection to its origin. If you remain connected to the Internet, the attacker will be able to establish a connection with the malware which will further allow him to steal your information.
2. Scan your computer for malware. Install an anti-virus and anti-spyware software on your computer and use it to scan your computer for malware. Once the scan has finished, it will display a result screen stating whether or not an infection was found. If found, it will prompt you for steps to remove the infection. Follow the steps until you receive a confirmation that the infection has been removed.
3. Set your anti-virus and anti-spyware software to perform automatic updates daily. This will allow your computer to be proactively updated with the latest signatures that can help with early detection of malware.
4. Change your passwords. If your machine is infected, your information may be compromised. Changing your passwords will ensure that your online accounts are protected from hackers.
5. Check our Security Alerts & News page at frequently to be in the know of the latest malware threats and their behaviors. Call us immediately at 1800 111 1111 (Personal Banking) or 1800 222 2222 (Business Banking), if you receive SMS notifications of transactions you did not perform, or notice unknown transactions appearing on your account. To ensure your banking experience remain secure, we may temporarily suspend your Internet Banking access if required.

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