See how DBS uses industry-leading secure technology and protocols to ensure your information and money are safe, whenever you bank online.


iBanking Security Features

As online fraud and mischief are becoming more advanced in technology, we have taken extra security measures to protect you against fraud, by introducing DBS iB Secure.

What is DBS iB Secure?

DBS iB Secure is a security device that generates a unique dynamic PIN each time you use it. This is a more secure method of customer verification, with the secret one-time PIN that we provide you.

What if my User ID and PIN are compromised?

  • Should your User ID and PIN be compromised for any reason, the intruder will also need your personal DBS iB Secure Device. Without it, he will be unable to access your iBanking account.
  • This makes it difficult for hackers who manage to obtain a string of customers User IDs and PINs via phishing or spyware, therefore increasing the security of all our iBanking transactions.

iBanking OTP and Transaction Alerts

What is iBanking OTP?

iBanking OTP is a One Time Password which will be sent to you via SMS to your registered mobile phone number. Moving forward, you may choose to login to iBanking using this OTP.

Transaction Alerts

For greater protection against fraud, we will send you an SMS notification whenever you successfully complete any of the following transactions via iBanking for amounts of S$1,000 or more:

  • Add New DBS/POSB Payee
  • Add New Other Bank Payee
  • Funds Transfer To Other DBS/POSB A/C*
  • Funds Transfer To Other Bank*

Registering your mobile phone number to receive iBanking OTP

You will need to register your mobile phone number before you can receive the OTP and transaction alerts. You can do so at any DBS or POSB ATM by selecting 'Register Mobile Phone for iBanking OTP'.


2-Factor Authentication

What is 2FA?

2FA stands for Second Factor Authentication.

Why do I need to have a iB Secure Device to access iBanking?

iB Secure is a second factor authentication, which is required when iBanking customers access their bank accounts online. This is a stronger means of customer verification as it needs:

  • information that you know (your PIN)
  • information from the bank (that is the randomly generated iB Secure PIN)

With 2FA, should your User ID and PIN be compromised for any reason, the ‘intruder’ will also need to have your personal iB Secure Device, before he can access your iBanking account online. This makes it difficult for hackers who manage to obtain a string of customers' User IDs and PINs via phishing or spyware.

What is this iB Secure Device?

This is a security device which generates a random PIN that acts as a second level of authentication for you. After registering your iB Secure Device with us, you will require the physical device whenever you login to your iBanking account online. You will have to login with your User ID, PIN and the randomly generated PIN that will be displayed on the iB Secure Device.

Do I have to pay for the DBS iB Secure Device?

We will issue the first iB Secure Device to our customers free-of-charge. The DBS iB Secure Device has a long lifespan and should last up to 5 years before it has to be replaced. There will be a replacement charge for lost iB Secure Devices.


Transaction Screening

What is Transaction Screening?

Transaction Screening is carried out with our advanced monitoring and surveillance systems, which help us to detect unauthorised activities on your accounts.

How does Transaction Screening work?

  • Our surveillance teams monitor your transactions daily for certain changes that may indicate potential fraud activity.
  • If we notice unusual activity on your accounts, we may contact you to check that everything is in order.
  • In some cases, for your protection, we may temporarily freeze your account to prevent further fraudulent transactions from happening.

Secure Technology

How does DBS protect me with Secure Technology whenever I bank online?

128-bit Extended Validated Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

  • Our iBanking site is kept secure by a 128-bit Extended Validated Secure Socket Layer (SSL). All information that you key in on the site will be protected and kept confidential under SSL.
  • If you need to verify that the iBanking site you are visiting is legitimate, look out for the VeriSign SSL certificate and VeriSign logo, which will appear on the bottom-left of our login page.

Personal Identification Number (PIN) and Unique User Identification (UID)

  • All iBanking users have a unique iBanking PIN and User ID which they need to key in first, before accessing their account information or performing online transactions.
  • Your unique User ID and PIN cannot be duplicated by any other user on our system.

Multi-factor Authentication

  • We employ multi-factor authentication, when you perform online transactions - with a User PIN, DBS iB Secure Device and SMS OTP, for greater security.
  • User PIN and DBS iB Secure Device are used during your login, but SMS OTP is only used for higher risk transactions - such as funds transfer.

Automatic Logout Feature

  • When our system detects that your iBanking session has been inactive for some time, you will automatically be logged out. This will prevent any unauthorised users from accessing your account.

Customisable Transfer Limit

  • You can customise your transfer limit whenever you perform a funds transfer to another bank account.