Application Forms


Useful Forms

DBS ATM, Credit & Debit Cards
Krisflyer Frequent Flyer Programme Form Asia Miles Frequent Flyer Programme Form
AirAsia Frequent Flyer Programme Form Customer's Instruction Form For Credit Card
DBS/POSB Credit Card Credit Limit Review Form Change of SMS Alert Threshold for ATM and NETS/Cashback Transaction form
Customer's Instruction Form for Debit Cards DBS Supplementary Credit Card(s) Spending Limit   Adjustment form
DBS/POSB Credit Cards/Unsecured Loans Reinstatement Form DBS/POSB Credit Cards/Unsecured Loans Income Update Form
SMS Alert Threshold Change  

DBS digibank
Add New Funds Transfer Payee DBS d2Pay (eNets) Limit Application Form
DBS d2Pay (eNets) Limit Reactivation Form (mail in) Funds Transfer Limit Application Form
Funds Transfer Limit Reactivation Form (mail in) Device Service Request for User ID/PIN
Update iBanking OTP Contact Number & Funds Transfer Limit (mail in)  

Amendment/ Termination of Cashline Top Up DBS Cashline Credit Limit Review Form
DBS Cashline Auto Top Up
Or update via iBanking

Authorisation for Closure of Account Cashier Order
Demand Draft MAS Electronic Payment System (MEPS)
Standing Instruction - Overseas Telegraphic Transfer
Business Reply Envelope for Credit Card and Cashline Cheque Payment Application/Updates for Self-Service Banking Services
Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) Application Form Request for Transfer of ETF
Standing Instruction - Local
Or update via iBanking
Amendment/Termination of Standing Instruction in SGD
Or update via iBanking
Personal Details Update Form
Or update via iBanking
Repayment for Tuition Fee Loan / Study Loan / Computer Loan
Change of Loan Servicing Account for Unsecured Loans