Account Summary FAQs

General FAQs

  1. Can I access all my accounts with DBS Bank and POSB Bank?

    Yes, iBanking allows you to access all your accounts with DBS Bank and POSB Bank, including Joint Accounts. The latest balances and consolidated totals of your DBS or POSB Singapore Dollar and Foreign Currency Accounts, CPF Investment, Unit Trust Holdings, Loan Accounts, DBS Cashline Account and DBS Credit/Charge Cards, as well as the latest balances of your Wealth Management Investment portfolio if you are our Treasures Private Clients or Private Banking customers.

  2. What information can I obtain under Account Summary?

    You can view the latest balances and total balance of the accounts above at a glance on our new Home Page. You can also see all the other banking facilities you have with DBS Bank, such as DBS or POSB Bank BankCard, DBS VISA/MasterCard card.

Deposits Summary FAQs

  1. How often is my Deposit Account information updated?

    The balance of all your deposit accounts is updated real time, up to the time of enquiry.

  2. Why can't I view some of my DBS or POSB accounts?

    You can't view your other DBS or POSB accounts if they were applied under a different NRIC/ Passport number. To access all your accounts with a single User ID, you may like to visit the nearest DBS or POSB branch to update your Customer Identification Number of these accounts.
    Please bring along your relevant account passbooks and identification documents for verification.