GIRO Arrangements

General FAQs

  1. What is GIRO Arrangements (Interbank GIRO)?

    GIRO Arrangements is an arrangement whereby you authorise the Bank to deduct money from your account and pay to an organisation or merchant on a regular basis. The arrangement requires no further action from you once it has been set up, except that you should ensure there's sufficient funds in your account at time of deductions.

  2. Can I view all my GIRO Arrangements online?

    Yes. You can view all the GIRO Arrangments under your DBS or POSB accounts on the "View GIRO Arrangement" service.

    To access this service, click on “More Payment Services”, which can be found under the “Pay” tab of the dropdown menu. Linkages that have been terminated for more than one year will not be shown.

  3. Can I apply for a GIRO Arrangement online?

    Yes. You can apply for GIRO Arrangements by using the "Add GIRO Arrangement" service. The selected list of organisations you may apply for includes government bodies, statutory boards, insurance companies, telephone companies, and more.

    You may apply GIRO Arrangements for your personal or joint-alternate DBS or POSB Savings / Savings Plus / Current / Autosave accounts, which will be effective in about 14 days after date of application.