Transaction History FAQs

    1. What are the accounts I can view on Transaction History?

      You can view transaction details of the following accounts:

      You are able to view details on your DBS or POSB Singapore Dollar and Foreign Currency Accounts, CPF Investments, Unit Trust Holdings, Loan Accounts, DBS Cashline Account and DBS Credit/Charge Cards.

      You are able to view a quick summary of your accounts, including the latest online Available/Total/Hold Balances, updated to the time of enquiry.

  1. What is the enquiry period I may view?

    For Current and Savings accounts, you may view your Transaction History up to the past 6 months (180 days).

    For all other accounts, you may view Transaction History from the previous 2 months, and the current month.

  2. Can I download my account information?

    Yes. You can download the selected account information as per period and sorting preference which you have customised. The downloaded information can be viewed in spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel.

  3. Can I view my SRS account balances online?

    Yes, you can view the following information on your SRS account on iBanking:

    • Maximum contribution amount
    • Total contribution made to date
    • Balance contribution limit
    • Cash balance
    • Free quantity, market valuation and unrealised proft/loss of the investment products in the SRS portfolio