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Higher lifetime monthly payouts for severe disability1 – choose to receive additional S$200 to S$5,000 per month, that are on top of ElderShield or CareShield Life payouts


Additional support from Lump Sum Benefit, Rehabilitation Benefit2, Dependant Care Benefit, Caregiver Relief Benefit and Death benefit


Future premiums waived when it matters – for as long as you’re unable to perform at least 1 Activity of Daily Living (ADL)


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Features & Benefits

  • Supplementary scheme to CareShield Life and ElderShield
  • Provides lifetime protection against severe disability, which renders the Life Assured incapable of performing certain simple daily activities
      MyLongTermCare MyLongTermCare Plus

    Severe Disability1 definition

    Inability to perform at least 3 out of 6 ADL

    Inability to perform at least 2 out of 6 ADL

  • Lifetime benefit payout for as long as Life Assured remains severely disabled
  • Choice of fixed or increasing payouts at 2% or 3% p.a.
  • Choose to pay premiums up to the policy anniversary after your 97th birthday or for a limited period (up to the policy anniversary after your 67th birthday or for 20 years, whichever is later). Note that if you choose increasing payouts, your premiums will increase at the same rate
  • Premiums of up to S$600 per calendar year per Life Assured can be paid using MediSave3 or cash


Additional care benefits:

Benefits  Condition for payout Details of benefit, frequency and duration
  MyLongTermCare MyLongTermCare Plus
Lump Sum Benefit When you're severely disabled1 A one-time benefit that is 3 times of your first monthly benefit4
Rehabilitation Benefit When your condition improves but you're still unable to perform 2 ADL 50% of your last monthly benefit4, for as long as you’re unable to perform 2 ADL Nil
Dependant Care Benefit When you’re receiving the monthly benefit4 or Rehabilitation Benefit
and have a child 22 ANB and below at the point of claim
An additional 20% of your monthly benefit4, for up to 36 months
Caregiver Relief Benefit  When you're receiving the monthly benefit4 or Rehabilitation Benefit An additional 60% of your monthly benefit4, for up to 12 months
Waiver of Premium When you're unable to perform at least 1 ADL Future premiums are waived, for as long as you’re unable to perform at least 1 ADL 
Death Benefit When death occurs while you're receiving the monthly benefit4 or Rehabilitation Benefit One-off payout of 3 times of your last paid monthly benefit4 or Rehabilitation Benefit
In addition, we understand that as you go through key milestones in life, your protection needs may increase. With the Guaranteed Issuance Option5, you have the flexibility to increase your monthly benefit4 without further health underwriting at key life stage events.

Please refer to the Product Summary for more details.


You need to have a CareShield Life (CSHL) or ElderShield (ESH) policy before purchasing MyLongTermCare or MyLongTermCare Plus (“Supplements”).

Supplements purchased by CSHL policyholders are regulated under the CareShield Life and Long-term Care Act. Supplements purchased by ESH policyholders before the transfer of ESH to Government administration are considered ESH Supplements, which are regulated under the Central Provident Fund (Withdrawals for ElderShield Scheme) Regulations. After the transfer, they are considered CSHL Supplements, regulated under the CareShield Life and Long-term Care Act.

1 Severe disability shall mean the inability of the Life Assured to perform at least 3 of the 6 (for CareShield Life/MyLongTermCare) or 2 of the 6 (for MyLongTermCare Plus) Activities of Daily Living. The 6 ADL are Transferring, Walking or Moving Around, Toileting, Washing, Dressing and Feeding. For detailed definitions, please refer to the Product Summary.
2 Rehabilitation Benefit is only available for MyLongTermCare.
3 Premiums exceeding the S$600 MediSave deduction limit will have to be paid in cash. If there are insufficient funds in the MediSave account, cash payment will be required for the difference.
4 The monthly benefit refers to the monthly payout when the Life Assured suffers from a Severe Disability as defined in the plan.
5 The Policyholder may exercise this option without providing further evidence of insurability at any of the following life stage events when the Life Assured:
a) purchases a property;
b) marries, divorces or is widowed;
c) becomes a parent by having a newborn child, or legally adopts a child below 19 ANB;
d) salary increases by 50% or more from application;
e) completes a skills development course of at least 6 months;
f) purchases a new Individual Life insurance policy or a Supplementary Benefit from Singapore Life Ltd with full underwriting at standard terms; or
g) spouse suffers a severe disability (with the inability to perform at least 3 of the 6 ADL) or dies.
This option allows the Policyholder to increase the Policy’s monthly benefit with extra premium payable. The total monthly benefit that can be increased under this option is limited to 50% of the Policy initial monthly benefit as agreed at policy inception or at the date this option is exercised, whichever is lower. This option is extended to standard life only. Please refer to the Product Summary for more details.

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DBS Insurance Important Notes

Information is correct as at 01 January 2022.


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