Features & Benefits

To fully enjoy your overseas education, it's important for you to be prepared for any unexpected events. Overseas Study Insurance is an insurance plan from MSIG Insurance that provides comprehensive coverage for your education abroad.

  • Comprehensive protection of up to 19 benefits, including personal accident and travel-related cover.
  • Cover for alternative hotel accommodation expenses if your overseas residence is damaged by fire or natural disaster.
  • Overseas daily hospital benefit of S$200 per day for hospitalisation due to illness or injury.
  • Reimbursement of course fees, unused travel fare and accommodation expenses if your studies are interrupted due to illness or injury resulting in hospitalisation for more than one month.

 Basic PlanStandard PlanPremier Plan

Personal Accident & Medical Related Benefits

Personal Accident S$100,000 S$200,000 S$300,000
Accident Medical Expenses S$10,000 S$20,000 S$30,000
Felonious Assault S$50,000 S$100,000 S$150,000
Overseas Hospital Daily Benefit
- S$200 per day
S$1,000 S$2,000 S$3,000

Overseas Assist Benefits

Emergency Medical Evacuation S$1,000,000 S$1,000,000 S$1,000,000
Medical & Travel Assistance Services
- provided on referral &/or arrangement basis
Hospital Visit By A Relative S$5,000 S$10,000 S$15,000
Repatriation of Mortal Remains / Ashes S$50,000 S$100,000 S$150,000
Study Interruptions S$10,000 S$20,000 S$25,000

Travel Inconvenience Cover

Personal Liability S$150,000 S$300,000 S$450,000
Loss of Baggage
- S$500 for any single article, pair or set of articles
S$1,000 S$2,000 S$3,000
Loss of Laptop Computer & Mobile Device
- in respect of Laptop S$1,000 S$1,000 S$1,000
- in respect of Mobile Device S$200 S$200 S$200
Loss of Travel Document S$500 S$1,000 $1,500
Baggage Delay
- while Overseas (S$100 / 6-hour delay) S$500 S$1,000 S$1,500
- while in Singapore (Min. 6-hour delay) S$100 S$100 S$100
Travel Delay
- while Overseas (S$100 / 6-hour delay) S$500 S$1,000 S$1,500
- while in Singapore (Min. 6-hour delay) S$100 S$100 S$100
Overseas Home Contents S$2,000 S$3,000 S$4,000
Alternative Accommodation S$3,000 S$4,000 S$5,000
Terrorism Cover S$100,000 S$200,000 S$300,000

Bonus Cover for Standard & Premier Plan

Adventurous Activities Cover Not Covered Yes Yes

NOTE: The amounts listed above are the maximum coverage payable for each benefit.



 Basic PlanStandard PlanPremier Plan
1-month cover S$59.00 S$98.40 S$139.10
3-month cover S$117.70 S$197.95 S$278.20
6-month cover S$203.30 S$342.40 S$486.85
12-month cover S$294.25 S$492.20 S$695.50

Premium is inclusive of 7% GST.


Overseas Study Insurance FAQs

You are eligible to be covered if you are:

  • between 18 years old and below 60 years old; (for Child between 15 and below 18 years old, the parent must be the applicant)
  • registered with an overseas Educational Institution as a full-time student, or participating in a student exchange program or industrial attachment overseas as arranged by your Educational Institution in Singapore and
  • not being employed as a Manual Worker during the Period of Insurance.

If the Child is above 18 years old, he/she must apply for Overseas Study Insurance under his/her own name. The parent can pay for the premium.

No, they are not the same. Overseas Study Insurance caters for customers who will be studying in an overseas Educational Institution whereas general travel insurance is for business or leisure purpose.

You may purchase the 12-month cover Policy to ensure that you enjoy coverage throughout your course of study overseas.

It is also cheaper to buy the 12-month cover instead of buying a (6-month + 3-month) cover

Example based on a Standard Plan type
For a 12-month cover Policy, the premium is S$492.20
For a 6-month cover + a 3-month cover, the premium is S$342.40 + S$197.95 = S$540.35

Yes, please contact MSIG for assistance.

To ensure that there is no disruption to your coverage while overseas, it is recommended that any request for extension be made at least 2 weeks prior to the Policy expiry date.

Renewal applies to Overseas Study Insurance Policy with 12-month cover only.

A renewal invitation will be sent to the Policy mailing address about 6 weeks before the policy expiry date. Renewal instruction can be mailed to MSIG or emailed to banca_d@sg.msig-asia.com

Yes, the Standard and Premier Plans cover these leisure adventurous activities. Please refer to the Policy for details.

Yes. Overseas Study Insurance Policy covers multiple trips undertaken by the Insured Person which takes place wholly within the Period of Insurance.

A redemption voucher for the Gift will be sent within 7 working days from the date of application. The Gift must be redeemed directly from MSIG Insurance before the expiry date stated on the voucher. Other promotion terms and conditions apply.

You may cancel the Overseas Study Insurance Policy at any time by giving 7 days’ written notice of cancellation to MSIG Insurance and provided no claim is made under the Policy.

  • For 12-month Policy: You will be entitled to a refund of premium after MSIG retains the short period rate for the period the Policy has been in-force, subject to MSIG Insurance retaining a minimum premium of S$50. No refund will be given if the Policy is in-force for more than 180 days.
  • For 1-month, 3-month and 6-month Policy: no refund if the Period of Insurance has already commenced, or claim is made under the Policy.

  • If you are overseas and require any emergency assistance, you can call 24-hr MSIG Assist at +65 6323 8288.
  • If you wish to file a claim on your insurance, please do so within 30 days of any event giving rise or likely to give rise to a claim. A "Travel Insurance Claim Form" will be sent to you for completion when you lodge your claim with MSIG Insurance Claims Department upon your return to Singapore from your overseas trip. You may also download and print the claim form here.
  • Return the completed "Travel Insurance Claim Form" to MSIG General Claims Department together with the supporting documents.
  • You may also refer to How to Claim webpage on the documents required for claims submission.

Please contact MSIG Insurance’s Customer Service Hotline at +65 6827 7607, 8.45am – 5.30pm, Mondays – Fridays.

Alternatively, you may email your question(s) to banca_d@sg.msig-asia.com


About Online Application FAQs

We accept payment via MasterCard/ VISA/ AMEX credit card and DBS PayLah! mobile wallet.

For payment using credit cards, please disable the pop-up blocker for the transaction to go through smoothly.

For payment using DBS Paylah!, please ensure that DBS Paylah! app is installed in your smartphone with a registered wallet account.

The credit card deduction will be displayed in the cardholder’s credit card statement as “MSIG Insurance”.

DBS PayLah! is a personal mobile wallet which allows users to perform funds transfer via a mobile number. It is available to both DBS/POSB and non-DBS/POSB customers. To find out more about DBS PayLah!, click here.

  1. Select DBS Paylah! payment option at Overseas Study Insurance’s Payment Details section and on the TeleMoney Electronic Payments Page.
  2. Input your DBS PayLah! mobile number when prompted and click “Confirm”. You will be directed to your DBS PayLah! app for login.
  3. Once logged in, verify your payment details on the Review Payment Page and tap on “Pay Now”. Click on “Done” to complete the payment on the Payment Complete screen.
  4. The TeleMoney Electronic Payments Page will state that “Your Transaction is successful”. Click on “OK” to continue.
  5. You will be directed to an Acknowledgement Page showing your Overseas Study Insurance application details. At the same time, an SMS confirmation will be sent to your mobile number.

You will have to top up your DBS Paylah! wallet using your DBS PayLah! app before proceeding with payment. To find out how to do so, click here.

There is no administrative fee for paying your travel insurance premium using DBS PayLah!.

You will receive an email and SMS acknowledgement once your payment and transaction is successfully processed.

You will receive your Overseas Study Insurance policy document via your email once your application has been successfully processed. You may also download a copy of the specimen Policy terms and conditions here.

You may send via e-mail, detailing your technical problems, to info@nets.com.sg or call NETS Call Centre at 6274 1212 during office hours.

To enable us to serve you better, please provide the following information:

  • Date and time when error occurred
  • The error message(s) or describe the screen you encountered
  • Your Credit Card type
  • The Operating System (Windows, Macintosh, Unix) you are using
  • Browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator)
  • Your contact number during office hours

How to Claim

This guide summarises how to file an Overseas Study Insurance claim:

  • For emergency assistance when overseas : Call MSIG Assist 24-hour hotline at +65 6323 8288
  • To make a claim : Call MSIG 24-hour Claim hotline at +65 6827 7660 within one month upon your return to Singapore
Documents Required
Types of ClaimsABCDEFGH
Personal Accident            
Medical Expenses, Emergency Medical Evacuation            
Loss of Baggage, Laptop & Travel Document      
Personal Liability            

  1. Basic documents including claim form, travelling schedule, airline ticket, boarding pass and copy of passport with stamp showing the date of departure and return to Singapore
  2. Medical report and original medical receipt/bills
  3. Carrier’s/airline’s written confirmation on the reason and period for disruption/interruption to the trip
  4. Police report
  5. Purchase invoices/warranty cards for items claimed, if applicable
  6. Property loss/damage irregularity report/baggage return acknowledgement slip
  7. Photographs of the damaged items
  8. Photographs of the damaged third party property (if applicable)


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Need help with your insurance?

  • Call MSIG Hotline at 6827 7607 (Monday to Friday, 8.45am to 5.30pm)
  • Click here to send us your Overseas Study Insurance enquiry

Please refer to the policy wordings for the full details of the terms, conditions and exclusions of this insurance.

Click here for full Terms and Conditions Governing Purchase of Insurance Products from MSIG Insurance via the DBS website.


Overseas Study Insurance is underwritten by MSIG Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (“MSIG Insurance”) and is distributed by DBS Bank Ltd (“DBS”). It is not an obligation of, deposit in or guaranteed by DBS. This is not a contract of insurance. Full details of the terms, conditions and exceptions of this insurance are provided in the Policy and will be sent to you upon acceptance of your application by MSIG Insurance.

This Policy is protected under the Policy Owners' Protection Scheme which is administered by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC). For more information on the scheme, please visit the General Insurance Association or SDIC websites.