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Unit Trusts investment can be simpler than you think. Our Funds Selection Team conducts rigorous research to offer you insights and expert analysis so that you can invest with ease.


DBS Fund Selection Team

The team regularly interacts with various fund managers to constantly evaluate the fund and assess them based on their:

  • Track record, experience and management;
  • Investing strategy in maximising returns; and
  • Past and present performances as well as long-term returns potential

With that, we assign a conviction rating (refer to below table) to the funds which determines their likeliness to perform:

  1. Relative to their peers
  2. Against their asset class/benchmark
  3. Over the next 18 to 36 months

Funds conviction level and rating

The higher the conviction rating, the better we expect the fund to perform.


DBS Focus Funds

Need some guidance on the large selection of funds? Look out for Focus Funds1, our top picks on positively-rated funds every quarter when using our fund search tool. When you have selected your preferred fund, click ‘Buy Now’ to transact via iBanking or via a secured webpage using your ATM card number and PIN.

View the user guide for step-by-step instructions to using the DBS Online Funds Investment platform.

1Focus Funds are a short-list of our positively rated funds that are aligned with bank’s current investment views.

Click here for DBS Q3 2018 Focus Funds

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