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Get the necessary hardware to enhance your learning experience. Find out more about Computer Loans offered by the respective institutions below.

For Computer Loan customers who do not have a deposit account or any other existing relationship with DBS, please note that DBS Bank’s Privacy Policy, as may be amended, supplemented or substituted by DBS Bank from time to time shall be binding on you. DBS Bank’s Privacy Policy can be obtained by downloading a soft copy from the DBS website here.



Key Features

  • Interest-free loan
  • Up to 24 months repayment period which starts after course completion.
  • Minimum monthly repayment of $100.


  • Applicable only for Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

For the full criteria to apply for Computer Loan, please refer to your respective institution's website for more details.


  • Aged from 21 to 60 years
  • Is not an undischarged bankrupt
Student Guarantor
Singaporean Singaporean
Permanent Resident Singaporean / Permanent Resident
International Singaporean / Permanent Resident


  • Up to 24 months repayment period which starts after course completion.
  • Repayment of loan can be in one lump sum or by equal monthly instalments of a minimum of $100.

How to apply

  • Please refer to the institution's website for application.

For Terms and Conditions, please refer to your respective institution’s website.


Important Note

Proof of Residential Address

For applicants who do not have a deposit account or any other existing relationship with DBS, we will require a proof of the residential address that is listed on the application form.
For SG/PR applicants who have listed the same address as shown on the NRIC, we do not require the proof of residential address.
Acceptable Documents as proof of residential address:

School Letters

  • Any correspondence from School to Borrower at the listed address
  • If staying in Hostel, letter to confirm that the student is staying in the hostel

Note: Date range of letters provided have to be within 3 months of application e.g. If applying in Oct, acceptable range will be between Aug - Oct

Other Documents

  • Telephone Bills
  • Utility Bills
  • Credit Card or Bank Statements

Note: If the bills or statements reflect the parent’s name instead of the student’s, proof of relationship such as birth certificates must also be provided

Updating of Personal Information

Existing DBS/POSB account holders are reminded to update the Bank of any change in their personal information i.e. mobile numbers and address before the submission of their loan applications.
Please click here for more information on updating your personal details through our digital channels.



Please click here for repayment modes and options.


Other Service Request

Other Service Request

Change in Loan Quantum / Change of First Disbursement Year and Semester

Apply Online
Deferment of Loan Repayment and/or Interest Apply Online
Change of Guarantor Apply Online

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