How to score your first Investment


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Decide your preferred type of investment: Equities, Unit Trusts, Bonds

You can also venture into the stock market with the Young Investors Programme.

You can make a one-time Lump Sum contribution with ad-hoc funds or monthly contributions through a Regular Savings Plan (RSP).

After you have determined your financial situation, goals and risk appetite, the next step is getting started. Here are some ideas on ways to invest.

1. Lump Sum
One-time contribution with ad-hoc funds (e.g. a bonus or gift). Additional investments, as and when funds are available.

Types of investments:

Equities & ETFs: No minimum amount. Depends on the price of the stock or the price of the units in the ETF you have chosen to invest in.

Bonds: From S$500 for Singapore Savings Bond.

Unit Trusts: From S$1,000 for Singapore dollar denominated funds.

Tip! Look out for minimum sales charge to make your lump sum contribution worthwhile.

2. Regular Savings Plan (RSP)
Fuss-free monthly contributions from your savings or current account, as little as S$100/month.

3. Lump Sum + RSP
One-time contribution (e.g. with your bonus) followed by regular monthly contributions.

Types of investments:

Unit Trusts


The information above is intended as general circulation only and does not take into account the specific investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs of any particular person.

We have many resources and feature-rich, easy-to-navigate platforms that will support you in your investing journey. Take a step towards your next trade now.

Trade in 7 key markets when you apply for a DBS Vickers Online Trading Account, which will be linked to a new DBS Multi-Currency Account (MCA) for ease of settlement and dividend crediting.

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Unit Trust
Access research and analysis, and invest in over 100 Unit Trusts online in 10 currencies with ease via the Online Funds Investing platform.

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Enjoy stable returns with a guarantee of your investment amount back in full. Apply for Singapore Savings Bonds via iBanking.

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Young Investors
For those aged 18 to 20 years old, this is your chance to venture into the stock market with a reputable brokerage. Start out on the right foot with DBS Vickers Young Investor Programme today!

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