Your Guide to DBS digibank (Wealth)

Stay in control and experience the convenience of conducting your banking transactions, managing your wealth and investments, anytime and anywhere.


Access your Wealth Portfolio
Access your wealth portfolio to manage your wealth easily on DBS digibank.
Manage Multiple Portfolios
If you have multiple portfolios, you can keep track of them using a single login and deep dive into each portfolio for more details.
Track Corporate Account Portfolios
Learn how you can keep track of the portfolios that you are managing easily on DBS digibank.
View Portfolio Transaction History
View the list of pending and settled transactions of your Portfolio easily on DBS digibank.
View Portfolio Holdings
Learn how you can access the list of holdings held in your Portfolio easily on DBS digibank.
View Portfolio Allocations
View your existing portfolio allocations to assist in creating your own diversified balanced portfolio.
Portfolio Analysis
Learn how you can monitor your portfolio performance and add benchmarks to compare.
Difference between Asset Class View and Asset Type View
Holdings can be viewed by Asset Class or Asset Type - understand the difference here.
Buying Power and Borrowing Potential
Understand how we calculate your buying power and borrowing potential.


Invest using DBS digibank
Invest in equities, unit trust or foreign exchange using DBS digibank.

Account Management


Trade Equity on DBS digibank
Invest in equities, unit trust or foreign exchange using DBS digibank.
Access Advanced Market Data
Understand the requirements to gain exclusive access to Advanced Market Data. This is only available for Singapore and Hong Kong markets.
Complete Exchange Agreements to Invest in U.S. and Canada Market Equities
To place trades in the U.S. and Canada markets, you are required to complete an Exchange Market Agreement.
View Equity Insights
Monitor our Singapore Equity model portfolio and view our latest Global Equity ideas.

eCorporate Action

eCorporate Action on DBS digibank
Learn how you can submit your preferred option for Voluntary Corporate Action events online.


Customer Knowledge Assessment (CKA)
To safeguard investors, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) requires investors to meet the CKA requirements before they can start investing in unlisted investment products, including funds.
Invest in Funds Online
Learn how you can invest in over 200 funds in 12 currencies on DBS digibank.
Redeem Funds Online
Learn how you can redeem funds online easily on DBS digibank.
View Funds Insights
Explore top performing, top purchased and top redeemed funds based on your risk profile easily on DBS digibank.

Foreign Exchange (FX)

Access Online Foreign Exchange (FX) Platform
Enjoy better rates on foreign currencies on-the-go with DBS digibank.

Fixed Deposit

Place a Fixed Deposit Online
Place a Fixed Deposit with your Wealth Management Account (WMA) easily on DBS digibank.
Fixed Deposit Upon Maturity
Find out where your Wealth Management Account (WMA) Fixed Deposit would be credited to upon maturity.
Change Fixed Deposit Maturity Instructions
Learn how you can change the maturity instructions for your Fixed Deposit.

Investment Financing / Online Loan Drawdown

Access Online Loan Drawdown
Finance your Investments with ease by performing an Online Loan Drawdown from your approved Multi-Currency Revolving Term Loan (MRTL).


Get Customised Research
Learn how you can view research articles related to your portfolio holdings and subscribe for research based on your preferences and interest.