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A fashion future showcase of who’s who in the textile and apparel sector, striving to meet changing consumer tastes and technological disruptions.

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Swagath Trading Pte Ltd

Swagath Trading Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1983, and has become Singapore's leading wholesale and manufacturer representative of textiles and fabrics. They have become the favourite destination point for anyone looking for top quality designer fabrics as they continue to source for exclusive fabrics at affordable and highly competitive prices.

Regional Presence: Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand


I Apparel International Group Pte Ltd

iApparel is a diversified designer manufacturer of high quality private label apparel for leading brands and retailers. They aim to develop passionate talents and product innovation for their clients and also to drive effectiveness and efficiency through lean manufacturing.

Regional Presence: Singapore, Cambodia and Vietnam


StitchMob Pte Ltd

StitchMob is a community-built retail and manufacturing company that empowers anyone to easily design, produce and sell their own clothing collections. Part of StitchMob’s secret is its extensive sourcing network paired with a unique production process. This enables them to produce a wide array of apparel in low quantities, while maintaining value for money and timely delivery for the customer.

Regional Presence: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Australia


The Tee Inkers

The Tee Inkers is Singapore's well-loved apparel company. Using only the best materials for printing and apparels, coupled with advanced manufacturing practices, Tee Inkers offers a great value for companies, schools, and organisations looking to make amazing shirts at amazing prices.

Regional Presence: Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia


CYC Company Pte Ltd

At CYC, every garment is made with high quality imported materials, superior craftsmanship and attention to detail to their customer’s exact measurements and preferences. Supported by their in-house advisory, customers can enjoy a highly personalised experience to create their own signature style.

Regional Presence: Singapore Malaysia and Indonesia


Free Movement Singapore

Free Movement Singapore is dedicated to the woman who loves freedom and a personalised fit of apparels worn in and out of the studio. Besides offering ready designs, tailored services for dance costumes are also available.

Regional Presence: Singapore

PAKT logo


PAKT provides a digital solution for clothing care and storage in the only 24/7 air conditioned and dehumidified ‘clean room’ in Asia. Individual photographs of all stored items allow easy access and single item retrieval with on demand collections and deliveries.

Regional Presence: Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan

conscious lifestyle

The Conscious Lifestyle Pte Ltd

In year 2016, The Conscious Lifestyle Pte. Ltd. commenced sales of Yin Yang yoga and active wear as a sole distributor in Singapore. Yin Yang advocates the usage of organic and eco-friendly products, where their yoga and sportswear are made from organic cotton and botanical dyeing. As part of their social entrepreneurship effort, 20% of their net profit is donated to charity organisations.

Regional Presence: Singapore


The Corporate Industries Pte Ltd

At The Corporate Industries, they believe that well-made work wear instils confidence—in a brand and its people. The Corporate Industries offers quality uniforms with a broad selection of fabrics, along with their attention to detail, they are able to provide designs and solutions to cater to a wide range of industries.

Regional Presence: Singapore and India



Yng is dedicated to custom-making and creating womenswear for all occasions, from events and special occasions to casual daily outfits. They are currently working to create their own new womenswear brand with the use of high-quality fabrics with creative designs.

Regional Presence: Singapore



5MM specialises in business consultancy to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and individuals who wants to expand their businesses locally and overseas. 5MM also offers grants to support new start-up companies.

Regional Presence: Singapore and China

amos marcus

Amos Marcus Group Pte Ltd

Amos Marcus aims to create garments that are specially tailored for clients on special occasions. The skillful designs by Amos Marcus ensures that clients are made spectacular on the most beautiful chapter of their lives.

Regional Presence: Singapore and Australia



ANJE REBEL has a passion to deliver unique and inspiring designs to fellow ANJEs who are a breakthrough themselves. The brand also initiates the use of recycled plastic bottles to make their limited edition tee shirts and have garnered huge success in New York during the fashion week.

Regional Presence: Singapore



ARPlanet focuses on Augmented Reality technology research, where they are experienced in providing solutions through the use of interactive technologies, digital contents and various marketing integrations. ARPlanet also has many achievements, such as clinching the 18th and 20th Taiwan SME Innovation Awards.

Regional Presence: Singapore, Taiwan and Southeast Asia


Butter Prints

Butter Prints offers the widest selection of t-shirts for printing in Singapore and are well versed with various t-shirt printing methods. Furthermore, the printed tees are made of great quality and also, at affordable prices.

Regional Presence: Singapore


Chagaan Cashmere

Chagaan supplies pure luxury Mongolian cashmere finished products direct from Ulaan Baatar for retail and distribution from Singapore. Mongolian cashmere has long been sought after by the best ateliers in the world and with staff resident in Mongolia, Chagaan assures top quality and supply security.

Regional Presence: Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Australia


CLO Virtual Fashion

CLO innovates the way we think and design fashion. They create cutting-edge 3D garment visualisation technologies that help build a more creative and sustainable landscape for the fashion and apparel industries. With over 10 years of extensive research and development, and a comprehensive portfolio of enterprise-wide adoptions, CLO provides the best-in-class solutions for brands all shapes and sizes.

Regional Presence: Korea, Hong Kong, China, the United States of America and Germany

dachex corporation

Dachex Corporation Pte Ltd (OMIA) is a brand of the Dachex Corporation, where they provide boutique market entry, consulting, lead generation, FinTech and representative service from Singapore. OMIA offers market entrance feasibility studies and marketing strategies to capture potential clients and business partners.

Regional Presence: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong



Easyship is an all-in-one shipping tool for eCommerce sellers looking to expand their sales worldwide. They offer 100 solutions at highly competitive prices with complete visibility on taxes and duties, couriers, and shipping costs. Their platform integrates with major online marketplaces, managing and automating everything from in-cart checkout to delivery.

Regional Presence: Singapore, Hong Kong and the United States of America


Entro Concepts Pte Ltd

Entro Concepts was incorporated in 2003, and since then they have expanded to offer more services while specialising in Conceptual Design and Print, Import and Export of Premiums. They are able to set themselves apart from their competitors by offering a holistic marketing approach with innovative designs at competitive prices.

Regional Presence: Singapore and Indonesia

fuk yoo

FukYoo Pte Ltd

Distinctively different menswear with FukYoo attitude that looks and feels great, wear after wear, time after time. FukYoo offers a wide range of merchandise from their signature FukYoo casual shirt, to supercool swimwear, quality polos and eye-catching tees.

Regional Presence: Global

great brothers

Great Brothers Pte Ltd

Great Brothers Pte Ltd is a men's retail store that offers styles from smart casual to formal attire. They aim to bring in designs that caters to men from different walks of life and lifestyles.

Regional Presence: Singapore and India


Her Velvet Vase Pte Ltd

At Her Velvet Vase, they celebrate the multitude of roles women take up on and they stand by their customers for every occasion and pivotal milestone that they embark on. Her Velvet Vase values youthful, feminine and tailored classics – where styles are about creativity and individuality without compromising on great quality, affordability and practicality.

Regional Presence: Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Australia


Higheist Pte Ltd

Higheist is an art direction, design and technology studio from Singapore. Through their brands, 'Gentle Mayhem' and 'Atlasta', they create bold designs that are original and creatively unpredictable.

Regional Presence: Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States of America

Hoola hoola Pte ltd logo

Hoola Hoola Pte Ltd

HoolaHoola is an innovative brand of fashion bags. Their bags are made in Italy with quality materials and they are truly modular. Customers are able to design, order and assemble their own bag.

Regional Presence: Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Australia


Imaginem Pte Ltd

imaginem is a social enterprise initiative, which aims to be a public movement about happenings around the world. They are currently engaged in a full-fledged initiative for social impact photography to transcribe collective memories through the eyes of people from different social backgrounds.

Regional Presence: Singapore


Integrated Retail Management Consulting Pte. Ltd.

Integrated Retail is a leading technology solution provider enabling Omni-Channel retailing for over 200 chain retailers across South East Asia. Integrated Retail also provides specialised services such as information technology solutions that help a retailer to increase sales revenue in stores as well as online.

Regional Presence: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines


Jo Kilda Pte Ltd

Jo Kilda designs for spirited women whose distinctive style is an expression of their individuality. A sense of cool confidence and discovery underpins the luxury contemporary and classic design aesthetic of the brand. As a brand, Jo Kilda has a keen interest in servicing the needs of its clientele – their lifestyle choices, shopping habits and style personality.

Regional Presence: Singapore , China, Indonesia and India

jungo studio

Jungo Studio

ungo Studio is a forward thinking design studio based in Singapore with designers of experience over a variety of disciplines. They offer a range of services from insights and creative strategy to communication and environmental design, ensuring that their clients find the right medium to deliver their message. They are able to create unique, innovative ideas that stands out and connects with the audience.

Regional Presence: Singapore


Legend (Singapore) Interiors Pte Ltd

Legend Interiors specialises in turnkey interior fit-out for the world’s most renowned brands, where the projects are handled by over 300 specialists in the group. Believing that luxury is about personalisation and experiences, their services are tailored to each client to work towards building long-term relationships through impeccable quality and an innate understanding of the interior built environment.

Regional Presence: Singapore and Hong Kong


Maison Zhou Pte Ltd

MAISONZHOU is a brand of luxury silk loungewear and lingerie that is perfectly suited to the Asian climate, inspired by both the vintage fashions of the golden age of Hollywood and the stories of a traveller’s life on the Silk Road. The line has strong Asian influences, reflected in the choice of fabrics, designs and prints.

Regional Presence: Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China

men label

Men's Label LLP

Men's Label provides mobile tailoring services of custom tailored apparel (Suits, Shirts, Pants/Trousers and Vests) for corporate or individual customers. With affordable prices and local manufacturing of their tailored apparel, they are able to provide fast turnaround time for their customers.

Regional Presence: Singapore


Moirai LLP

Moirai is dedicated to making fine quality products inspired by Asian tropics with oriental designs and western cuts. Each piece of apparel that Moirai brings in is unique, handcrafted and made with silk.

Regional Presence: Singapore


Nara Dsign

Nara Dsign was created as a platform for the founder to express her passion to create beautiful art. She indulges herself with hours of creative work on various mediums, such as hand-painting watercolours on fabric, with hopes of sharing with people who appreciates her artwork.

Regional Presence: Singapore


Personalised Love Pte Ltd

Personalised Love (PLove) is a Social Enterprise specialising in artisanal craft. It is founded on the belief that each special needs youth is gifted and to embrace each individual’s talent. PLove aims to empower special needs youths through artisan crafts training with the objective of developing these youths into dignified craftsmen.

Regional Presence: Singapore and Hong Kong

poco nido

Poco Nido Pte Ltd

Poco Nido is an award winning British baby and children’s brand with a deep-rooted love of colour and pattern. Over the last 5 years, Poco Nido has grown substantially and also won Gold twice in a row at the Loved By Parents Awards for best baby footwear.

Regional Presence: Singapore and Malaysia

get fash

Project Fash Pte Ltd

Getfash is an online magazine geared towards helping the modern woman solve fashion and lifestyle-related problems. For businesses, they help to connect with digital audiences by creating and publishing bespoke content that people will enjoy and act upon. Getfash is a one-stop shop that provides content marketing services to fashion and lifestyle businesses.

Regional Presence: Singapore and Malaysia


Puen Trading Pte Ltd

Puen Trading diversifies into the general wholesale trade, as well as the corporate gifting business of bags, luggage and travel accessories. Their products are manufactured in leading factories in China with facilities that have passed audits by major international brands. They are also able to offer very competitive prices of high quality products to every customer.

Regional Presence: Southeast Asia


Sans Kreation Pte Ltd

Sans Kreations Pte Ltd is an online retail and wholesale boutique of women designer apparels and accessories, with their own brand name - SansDeModa. By having unique products at competitive prices, they have solidified their reputation as one of the best sponsors for fashion events.

Regional Presence: Singapore

sew easy

So Sew Easy Pte Ltd

So Sew Easy has an online blog that provides a wide variety of sewing tutorial videos as well as step-by-step guide on different sewing techniques and patterns. So Sew Easy is also one of the top sewing blogs in the world with 12 million readers a year.

Regional Presence: The United States of America, Canada, Australia, Germany and France



SOJAO is a sustainable and organic bedding company that sells direct to their consumers online. Their goal is to get consumers to rethink bedding, where it is just as important to sleep organically as it is to eat organically. SOJAO aims to provide organic luxury for everyone.

Regional Presence: Global


Sopna Jewellery

Sopna Jewellery is a company based in Singapore, that offers a wide range of jewelleries and accessories for both men and women. Spoha also specialises in their unique customising services for jewelleries, where they are able to transform a customer’s artwork into pieces of accessories like 3D printed bracelets, cufflinks, earrings, and pendants.

Regional Presence: Singapore and India


Trendy Astrology & Geomancy Consultant

Trendy Astrology & Geomancy Consultancy is committed to deliver high quality and responsive, personalised services of Metaphysics and Feng Shui. By understanding their client's needs, they aim to help them to achieve their goals and also to overcome difficulties that they are facing.

Regional Presence: Singapore, Phillipines, China, Australia, the United States of America and Europe



Trouvée.Co is a jewellery brand that creates and curates semi-precious gemstone jewellery made from sterling silver vermeil and gemstones that are sourced from all over the world. The brand of affordable luxury aims to help independent women dress for success, and to feel and look confident by incorporating minimal pieces in their daily wardrobes.

Regional Presence: Global