Scaling your Business: People Are Your Greatest Assets

Here's a big tip on scaling your business: optimise your business with people.

people are great assets

Author: DBS BusinessClass , Administrator of DBS

As a business owner, it common to feel the need to do everything. You are a product manager, marketing director, technical support, and account manager all in one. Yet, as your business starts to grow –– especially when that growth is exponential –– more focus should be placed on the strategic direction of the business, and much less on administrative issues.

So here's a big tip on scaling your business: optimise your business with people.

Outsource the routine and mundane

Get new hires, or just outsource. It might be difficult to add a new member to the team at the risk of changing team dynamics, but never underestimate the power of an additional pair of hands. Depending on the nature of the work, this can range from hiring full time staff, interns or contractors.

Start by looking at your entire business process. Identify the areas of the business that can be automated or are taking up too much of your time. Pass these tasks on to another employee to handle or get a contractor to work on automating the system.

Maximize the productivity of your employees

You're going to be seeing a huge increase in sales as your startup scales up. Besides having a larger team to cope with this, ensure that your team is performing at their optimal level. This can be done through a range of things - from changing the physical aspects of your office, to building a culture of efficiency. Shopify uses a whole range of apps that are aimed at boosting productivity in the office.

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