DBS TechMatch

Where SMEs find technologies

A programme set out to encourage and support innovation amongst SMEs in Singapore. From understanding your business challenges, to designing solution concepts and matching them with the right solution providers. Allowing you to improve and build capabilities in your business.

How does it work?


Implementation support

SMEs can seek consultative advice from government bodies like SPRING Singapore on grant options and project applicability. DBS customers can also get help from our relationship managers for more assistance on Capability Development Grant (CDG). 

SMEs who have successfully applied for government grants will be able to leverage the Working Capital Loan as a bridge financing solution for their projects. Enabling SMEs to finance their project expenses prior to grant reimbursement.

How long will the DBS TechMatch process take?

The process can range from approximately 2 to 6 weeks, from the submission of requirements to the presentation of solution, depending on the nature of problem and the extent of solutions that are required by the SME.

Who is eligible to take part in DBS TechMatch?

All DBS SME Banking Customers can take part in this. Open a DBS Business Account instantly here.

Who is InfoComm Investments Pte Ltd (IIPL)?

Infocomm Investments Pte Ltd (IIPL) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) of Singapore. Its mandate is to build and invest in Singapore and global infocomm technology start-ups. Managing more than US$200 million, IIPL accelerates the development of start-ups in their formative phase, and invest further as they move towards growth and expansion.

Who is IPI?

IPI was established under Singapore’s Ministry of Trade and Industry. IPI focuses on industry needs and translates their innovation objectives into specific technology requirements to enable enterprises to develop new processes, products and services.

Will I be guided in the process of communicating my Problem Statement / Innovation Requirement?

Yes, upon submission of a DBS TechMatch request, the IIPL team will be in touch to get more information. They will help you refine your problem statement so that a more suitable solution recommendation can be made. Once the requirements are cleared, you will be informed of the appropriate next steps.

Will all problem statements submitted be put through the 5-day solution hacking process?

Not all problem statements submitted require solution hacking, there may be off-the-shelves solutions available. For those that require solution hack, IIPL might group the submitted problem statement with other similar statements when being worked on. However, you will still be invited participate in the showcase demo session of the solutions at the end of the solution hacking week.

Who will be managing the 5-day solution hacking process? And when will it be held?

The 5-day solution hacking process will be managed by IIPL, in partnership with SUTD. More information on the solution hacking week will be provided when contacted by the IIPL team.

As a business owner, will I be expected to participate in the 5-day solution hacking process?

As the problem statement owner, we would require your participation at critical points of the process. More details will be provided by the IIPL team.

Am I obliged to take on the solution that is presented to me?

No, SMEs are under no obligation to take on the solution that is presented to them.

How can DBS support me in the implementation process?

DBS can support in 3 areas:

I am a SME that would like to participate as a solution provider – How do I do so?

You can reach out to the DBS BusinessClass Team via email us with your solution.