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ComCrop by The Living! Project

Comcrop is an urban fish and vegetable farm located on the rooftop of SCAPE*. Reaching out to customers who do not mind paying more for quality, Comcrop uses 6,000 square feet of space to produce 8 to 10 times more than traditional farms over the same area through aquaponics (a self-sustaining farming system) and vertical farming techniques.
Website: https://www.facebook.com/ComCrop


CryoWerx Pte Ltd

CryoWerx provides a turnkey solution for food producers in Singapore to start selling their food unattended 24/7 in places like hospitals, airports and offices. Unlike conventional vending machine, CryoWerx relies on smart-tag for effective inventory management. This allowed multiple food vendors to stock their fresh food offering in a same refrigerator. For consumers, the cash-less operation provide unparalleled convenience.
Website: http://www.cryowerx.com


Engineering Computer Services (S) Pte Ltd

With over three decades of experience, ECS wields extensive knowledge and expertise in the use of CAD/CAM/CAE applications and has recently expanded into the domain of 3D Printing. Through the years, ECS’s applications and solutions have made an undeniable impact in the field of engineering design and productivity processes.
Website: http://www.ecss.com.sg/


FoodNet Consultants

Singapore-based FoodNet Consultants is an award-winning one-stop food solutions provider that has, since 1998, been committed to providing proper sanitization and the highest degree of hygiene to all factors that make up the food chain – ensuring that only the finest quality of food reaches its customers from around the Asia-pacific region.
Website: http://www.foodnetconsultants.com/


Garuda Robotics Pte Ltd

Ever dreamed of controlling a fleet of drones from your web browser? Now you can with Garuda Robotics – a Singapore-based leading Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) solutions provider. Spreading its wings across Southeast Asia in the agriculture, building management, and security industries, Garuda builds integrated systems to enable the coming wave of UAV applications and services.
Website: http://www.garuda.io


Golden Gate Ventures

Ranked as a global Top 50 start-up investor, Golden Gate Ventures is an early-stage VC firm with over 23 investments in a variety of sectors. Firmly believing in the potential of the South East Asian tech ecosystem, Golden Gate Ventures bridges Silicon Valley and Asia through funding, experience and network.
Website: http://goldengate.vc



Happy Fresh, a mobile online grocery-shopping app, caters to time-strapped, health conscious shoppers. It allows you to select groceries from offline supermarkets and delivers them fresh to your doorstep within an hour. Happy Fresh is supported by a seven-figure sum of series A funding, boasts 40,000 items on its app and is enroute to expand in Indonesia.
Website: https://www.happyfresh.com



Proving to the world that restaurant point-of-sales systems can be incredibly sexy, Taiwan-based iChef breathes new life into the F&B entrepreneurial scene with a progressive, human-centric approach that goes a long way in making life easier for restaurant business owners everywhere.
Website: http://www.ichef.tw/


Kodisoft- Interactive Restaurant Technology

Kodisoft is a hi-tech F&B solutions provider and now offers a world-changing experience through interactive restaurant technology. Can you imagine bar-counter and table-tops replaced by large, high-definition touchscreens for the purposes of ordering, entertainment or social interaction? It’s now possible.
Website: http://www.itrestaurant.net/en


Mobikon Technologies Pte Ltd

Boasting over 2.5 million customers and 1.2 million reviews, Mobikon is a leading customer engagement and analytics platform for the hospitality industry. Today, Mobikon's platform, modules and engagement tools are used by over 140 brands spanning 750 restaurant outlets across 5 countries.
Website: http://www.mobikontech.com

*This list is subjected to changes. All information are accurate as of 28 May 2015.


NUS - Department of Biological Sciences

The mission of the Department of Biological Sciences is education, research, and outreach. The faculty goes to local schools to talk about their passion for biological research, the potential benefits for the environment and human health, and the careers that await students with a Life Sciences education.
Website: http://www.dbs.nus.edu.sg/


The Oddle Company

Oddle is an online food ordering system that helps restaurants coordinate their offline and online orders seamlessly. It also churns sales reports and provides data analytics for different outlets. Today, Oddle handles more than 150 brands, is available in 6 countries, and processes more than S$2 million worth of transactions annually.
Website: http://oddle.me/

Reimagine food

Reimagine Food

Since 2013, Reimagine Food has been reinventing the relationship between food and technology. Spurred on by a grand vision of “promoting a new Silicon Valley of food and disruptive technology in Barcelona”, it’s no surprise that this Spanish company is breaking new ground in connecting emerging tech, startups and disruptive innovation within the F&B industry.
Website: http://www.reimagine-food.com


Robofusion Asia Pte Ltd
Robofusion takes the concept of self-service to a whole new level. Their ‘robotic’ interactive ice cream kiosks entertain, allow for personalisation of flavours and eliminate the need for human labour. Robofusion is now dispensing ice cream in more than 15 countries and looks primed to change the face of the F&B industry.
Website: http://www.robofusionicecream.com/


TabSquare Pte Ltd

Singapore-based e-menu start-up TabSquare boosts restaurant solutions that changes the way customers order and dine. Their innovative digital solutions includes using a tablet-based solution, which integrates cloud-based data storage, inventory management, CRM, and point-of-sales systems.
Website: http://www.tabsquare.com/


TechMetics Solutions Pte Ltd

Techmetics Solutions is the top leading F&B automation firm in Singapore. Valued at over S$4 Million and having established its robotic solutions in over 50 hotels, Techmetics is also proud to have lauched ‘Techi,’ the world’s first F&B and Hotel Robot –an automaton that delivers food, collect plates and is entirely capable of planning its own path.
Website: http://techmetics-group.com

coffee bandits

The Coffee Bandits

Coffee Bandits is a coffee brewery and gourmet kitchen on four wheels. Founded in 2013, the food truck-based service has been bringing exceptional food, locally roasted coffee and big wide smiles to people everywhere, especially in the far-flung areas of Singapore.
Website: http://coffeebandits.sg/

french cellar

The French Cellar

Valued at $5 million just eight months after its launch, The French Cellar allows users to discover artisanal wines from less-explored parts of France. Wines are personally handpicked from the vineyards by Mr. Nicolas Rebut, former Chief Sommelier of the 3-Star Michelin Restaurants, Louis XV (Monaco) and Le Meurice (Paris), and delivered to buyers within a week.
Website: http://www.thefrenchcellar.sg/


The Oyster Cart

Founded in 2013, Oyster Cart is a travelling oyster bar that delivers a “no hassle, no mess” experience to dining guests everywhere. Boasting a range of fresh oysters from well-known locations in Canada, New Zealand and the US, Oyster Cart has since been delighting guests at bars, corporate events and homes with their masterful “shuck and serve” services.
Website: http://www.theoystercart.com/


Unitech Mechatronics Pte Ltd

Founded in 2006 with its core business in mechatronic, automation, electronic and robotic systems development, Unitech Mechatronics boasts an impressive arsenal of disruptive robotic systems innovations under its belt, including the Uni-bot, the Dump Waiter and the Cooking Robot.
Website: http://unitechmech.com/

*This list is subjected to changes. All information are accurate as of 28 May 2015.

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