Day 2 was themed “Be The Change in Medical Transformation”, which comprised of a seminar and expert panel discussion showing the several challenges and opportunities faced by the healthcare sector.

The pandemic has caused the pace of digitalisation to accelerate at breakneck speed. To work around safe distancing measures, cross-border travel restriction, and reduce the risks of patients being exposed to infection while waiting to see the doctor – telemedicine is becoming a de facto preference for many patients and healthcare providers to increase convenience, reduce costs, and minimise risks.

Although the most visible transformation can be seen from the way patients consult doctors, it’s important not to overlook the impact of technology on the rest of the medical and healthcare value chain. Digitalisation also exacerbates certain risks. Remote consultations and e-pharmacies require increased collection, sharing, and transmission of individuals’ data, sometimes across borders. This makes it important for healthcare service providers to ensure that they have the right data security, privacy, and governance practices in place to comply with local and international regulations – but medical professionals usually do not have the necessary expertise, which is why they need the support of industry players that do.

For this year’s edition, we were joined by expert speakers from Whitecoat, Hyphens Pharma, Vault Dragon, and Speedoc.

Here are some of the day’s highlights.

Highlights – Be The Change in Medical Transformation
An Overview of the Day’s Events
  • Be The Change in Healthcare Transformation

    Tan Su Shan explores the endless possibilities of medical innovation.

  • Digitalisation in Healthcare: Whitecoat

    Clara Leow details the transformation of the patient care experience.

  • Medical Transformation: Innovation, Disruption or Hype?

    Experts discuss the nuances of digitalisation in the healthcare sector.

  • Supporting SMEs on Their Digitalisation Journey

    Joyce Tee affirms DBS’ commitment to helping healthcare SMEs digitise.

Hear More from Our Experts
  • Tan Su Shan

    Tan Su Shan shares how the pandemic has changed the healthcare sectors journey into digitalisation.

  • Joyce Tee

    Joyce Tee shares more on the role that DBS plays in the digitalisation of healthcare.

  • Eugene Hong

    Eugene Hong explains the importance of cybersecurity within DBS to protect our personal health data.

  • Clara Leow

    Clara Leow shares the importance of cultural knowledge to drive the digitalisation in healthcare.

  • Lim See Wah

    Lim See Wah explains the importance of trust in the digitalisation of the healthcare system.

  • Shravan Verma

    Shravan Verma sheds light on the concept of virtual hospitals in digital healthcare.

  • Shashi Bhaskar

    Shashi Bhaskar explains the nuances and needs of the various regional digital healthcare scenes.

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