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Bringing to you our all new Season 2 of bite-sized online classes. It is now possible to learn from industry’s practitioners – anytime, anywhere and on more topics with actionable insights by subject matter experts. From accounting, to balancing social impact and profit, to crisis comms management, we bring you the ABCs on how to run and grow your business.

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    Digitalise Payments and Collections


    Grace Tye
    Team Lead, Product Management - Cash, SME Banking, DBS Bank

    Keep up with your customer’s changing digital transaction demands. Learn ways on how you can digitalise your business payments and collection with ease.

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    Generating Revenue with B2B Marketing


    Saurabh Singhal
    Group Head of Marketing, Corporate,
    SME and Transaction Banking,
    DBS Bank

    What is B2B marketing and how can that help you reach and retain your enterprise customers? Don’t miss the industry case study for more tips and how you can get started!

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    Setting up Business Headquarters in SG


    Loh Chen Ai
    Head of Enterprise Liabilities Team (SG), DBS Bank

    Interested in setting up your business headquarters in Singapore? We break down how you can establish your business, the ways you can set up your business banking accounts and which approach would be best suited for your needs.

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    Building a Sustainable Business


    Yulanda Chung
    Group Head, Sustainability,
    Institutional Banking Group,
    DBS Bank

    Sustainability is no longer just for green businesses and is now a business imperative. What are the specific financing support available that can help you build and grow a sustainable business? Find out more here.

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    Managing Cashflow with Corporate Cards


    Melissa Yee
    Team Lead, Product Management,
    Commercial Cards,
    SME Banking, DBS Bank

    Commercial cards are one of the most underrated business tools. Here’s why and how you can make the most out of your commercial cards to get rewarded while managing the day to day cashflow.

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    Digitalise Accounting and Invoices


    Vijender Kaur
    Assitant Vice President, Product Management - Cash, SME Banking
    DBS Bank

    Use this 3-prong approach to digitalise your accounting ecosystem and manage your business efficiently. It’s easy to get started on digital invoices, e-payments and digital reconciliations with these tips!

  • cyber security

    Safeguarding against Cyber Threats


    Ong Khiaw Chye
    Regional Head, Product Management,
    DBS Bank

    Learn why business protection is crucial especially against cyber threats, and what are the basic types of bancassurance you can put in place to safeguard your business.

  • trade

    Simplifying Trade with Digital Solutions


    Lyn Wong
    Team lead, Product Management,
    DBS Bank

    Digital trade financing can save you time, effort and even cost! Get tips on how you can get started easily with this lesson.

  • rapid

    The RAPID Shift to going Digital


    Ho Hoong Pok
    Team Lead, Digital Channel Product
    Management, DBS Bank

    What are APIs and how can you leverage them? Learn how to optimise your business operations, increase productivity and more importantly, improve your customer’s experience with our APIs.

  • wendy lee accounting

    Accounting 101


    Wendy Lee
    Specialist, Strategic Business Planning, DBS Bank

    Learn how accounting can be a data driven tool SMEs can leverage for insights and strategy, and about concepts like financial ratios. Look out for tips you can apply!

  • Tax 101 Kwan Chang Yew

    Tax 101


    Kwan Chang Yew
    Executive Director, Group Tax,
    DBS Bank

    Go through tax facts and best practices that will help build a solid infrastructure and process flow for your business.

  • Branding for SMEs Myrna Poon

    Branding for SMEs


    Myrna Poon
    COO, Group Strategic Marketing & Communications, DBS Bank

    What are some myths about branding? Why is it important to find the right personality to represent your brand? Learn how to approach branding with these industry tips.

  • Introducing Innovation into your Business Model Bidyut Durma

    Introducing Innovation into your Business Model


    Bidyut Durma
    Executive Director, Head of Innovations, DBS Bank

    Understand how to create a proposition that is unique to your company – find your business’ edge with this model.

  • public relations 101

    Public Relations 101


    Jean Khong
    Senior Vice President, Group Strategic Marketing and Communications,
    DBS Bank

    PR is a strategic communications tool, and can be more powerful than advertising when executed well. Understand what PR really is and get tips on how you can get started.

  • Cash Management the Digital Way

    Cash Management the Digital Way


    Jasmin Ng
    Managing Director, Group Cash Product Management, DBS Bank

    What is the best way to manage cash in your day to day operations? Find out more about an affordable digital collections solution that can help!

  • Navinder Duggal

    Trade Financing for SMEs


    Navinder Duggal
    Group Head SME Transactional Solutions, DBS Bank

    Understand the basics of trade finance, and what to look out for when bringing your business overseas. Included in this lesson are also some best practices for SMEs!

  • grow your business with the right loans

    Grow your Business with the Right Loans


    Toh Su Mei
    Executive Director, Regional Loan Product Management and Alternative Lending, DBS Bank

    How can you leverage on loans to grow the business? What is the difference in the various loans available? Find out more about these plus best practices you can apply.

  • why hr matters renee lim

    HR as a Strategic Business Function


    Renee Lim
    Team Head, HR Relationship Management, DBS Bank

    When Human Resource is applied effectively, its value and positive impact are undeniable. We share some insights right here!

  • video marketing 101

    Video Marketing 101


    Krishna Kota
    Senior Vice President, Brand and Media Amplification, Group Strategic Marketing and Communication,
    DBS Bank

    With adequate knowledge about its usage, videos can be an incredibly useful role in your marketing plan. Check out these best practices for more inspiration!

  • social media engagement 101

    Social Media Engagement 101


    Cheryl Ng
    Lead for Communities Management Team, Consumer Banking, DBS Bank

    Building and maintaining an online community is no small feat, we share some potential pitfalls so you don't have to.

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