DBS Logistics Purchasing Card

Maximise business efficiencies
with the industry-first contactless card solution

DBS Logistics Purchasing Card

Maximise business efficiencies
with the industry-first contactless card solution

At a Glance

Maximise your business efficiencies and gain better control of tracking your logistics-related expenses when you adopt digital payments.

The DBS Logistics Purchasing Card (P-Card) is a contactless payment method designed specifically for the logistics industry to tackle the longstanding manual and paper-based processing operations. The industry-first solution supports the digital transformation of Singapore’s logistics sector.

Say goodbye to the hassle of cash handling as haulier drivers can now simply tap-and-go.

Features & Benefits
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Better control

  • Consolidate your accounts payable for easier reconciliation
  • Set your preferred credit limit and have peace of mind as usage is limited to the logistics industry (e.g. depot handling charges and demurrage).

Increase efficiencies

  • Haulier drivers can save up to 30 minutes a day on payment matters, allowing them to reallocate their time to higher value-added tasks.
  • Depot cashiers can save time from reconciling cash and queuing at bank branches to make cash deposits.

Clean and secure payments

  • Enjoy peace of mind as drivers and depot cashiers can be freed from the hassle and hygiene concerns of handling cash.
  • Transact securely and avoid theft and mishandling of cash.
How to Apply

For haulier companies who are interested in adopting the P-Card solution for your drivers, please click here to submit your application.

For depot owners who are interested in accepting contactless transactions via P-Card, please speak to your RM or email us at [email protected]

Eligibility & fees

Age 21 years and above
Annual fees Waived for the Logistics Industry


What is the difference between the P-Card and other e-payment methods in the market?

The P-Card solution was designed specifically for the logistics industry to enable fast, contactless and traceable payments. The convenience and time-saving payment method will allow drivers to focus on completing their deliveries.

Can the P-Card be used to make any payments?

No. The P-Card is only specific to making payments for the logistics industry at selected depots. 

What happens if my driver misplaces the card?

Simply call our hotline (1800 222 2200) to block the misplaced P-Card, and we will send you a replacement card. 

How can I be assured that the P-Card will not be misused?

The P-Card features robust usage control capabilities and you can set transaction limits and define where and how regularly the card can be used.

Is there a limit on the number of P-Cards I can apply for my drivers?

There is no limit on the number of P-Cards that you can apply for. All your drivers can enjoy the convenience of this payment method. 

How is the card limit assigned to my employees?

Once you’ve received your overall company limit, you can allocate a limit to each cardholder based on each haulier driver’s usage requirement. 

With effect from 1 August 2023, the prevailing interest rate for computing finance charges applicable to your Card Account (if the entire outstanding balance is not paid in full by payment due date) for (i) retail transactions and (ii) Cash advance will be revised to 27.8% on the transaction/cash advance amount, chargeable on a daily basis from the date of transaction until receipt of full payment.