More efficiency with eGIRO

Enjoy seamless and faster collections with Direct Debits.

More efficiency with eGIRO

Enjoy seamless and faster collections with Direct Debits.

At a Glance

eGIRO is an API-based solution allowing you to digitise your direct debit process to significantly reduce the setup turnaround time and eliminate manual paperwork. Your customers will be able to setup a GIRO arrangement from your website within a few minutes so that you can start collecting payments from them faster.


Easy application

Your customers can initiate the request to set up or terminate GIRO arrangements directly via your website


Extensive reach

Your customers can choose to set up a GIRO arrangement to make payments to you using their eligible DBS/POSB accounts or accounts from any of the other eGIRO participating banks

Features & Benefits

Enhanced user experience

Your customers will be able to setup GIRO arrangements digitally

Reduced manual forms handling

Do away with manual forms for GIRO arrangement setup which are labour intensive and operationally inefficient


Faster Turnaround Time

Significantly reduce turnaround time for GIRO arrangements setup to a few minutes


Improved efficiency

Optimise your overall collection process by tapping into DBS’ RAPID capabilities and start collecting from your customers faster

How to Apply

Please contact us at:

  • 1800 222 2200 (if you are in Singapore)
  • +65 6222 2200 (if overseas)

Not a DBS SME Banking customer?
Apply online now. Enjoy free DBS IDEAL access and fee waivers. T&Cs apply.

What functionalities can I avail to my customers under eGIRO?

Your customers will be able to setup or terminate a direct debit arrangement via eGIRO through your website.

Which banks are currently participating in eGIRO?

As of 8 Nov 2021, there are 8 participating banks: DBS Bank, Bank of China, HSBC, ICBC, Maybank, OCBC, Standard Chartered Bank and UOB. Your customers can select eligible accounts held with these participating banks for the setup of the GIRO arrangement digitally.

How will my customers be able to setup a direct debit arrangement under eGIRO?

Your customers will initiate the setup request directly via your website where they will need to select which of the participating banks they hold an account with that they wish to be debited for payments to you. Upon selection, your customer will be redirected to the relevant bank’s login page to authenticate themselves using their internet banking credentials and select the account number. Upon successful completion, you and your customer will be notified of the outcome of the setup request and you will be able to start performing collections from your customer’s account.

What if my customer does not have an account with a participating bank?

Your customer will need to establish a banking relationship with one of the participating banks in order to setup a direct debit via eGIRO.

How quickly can I start collecting from my customer’s account once the setup has been completed?

You can start collecting from your customer via GIRO or FAST as soon as the setup has been completed.

My customers are other corporate entities. Can they use eGIRO for setup of direct debit as well?

All participating banks have enabled their retail consumers to set up a direct debit arrangement via eGIRO. For corporate customers, please check with the participating bank directly.

For DBS corporate customers looking to set up a direct debit arrangement with an eGIRO participating billing organisation, please refer to the guide below on how you can seamlessly apply and monitor the status of your requests. Do note that DBS IDEAL entitlements and associated authorisation policy will apply.

Corporate Direct Debit Authorisation Guidebook

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In Singapore: 1800 222 2200

Operating hours; 8:30am to 8:30pm, Mon - Fri (excluding PH)