At a Glance

Cash idling and actual borrowing earn preferential interest, negotiated at group level


Pricing enhancement dynamically applied to pre-determined threshold/tiers on a daily basis on the total portfolio value which is notionally aggregated in a common base currency


Easy to implement, administer and maintain with simple documentation




Why choose DBS Regional Interest Optimisation?

  • Preserve full autonomy of the participating accounts without balance sheet implications since funds are not co-mingled.
  • Local entities enjoy higher yield from idle funds and cost savings from lower interest on borrowings as preferential interest rates are dynamically applied on a daily basis based on total portfolio value.
  • Easy to implement and administer as it requires less product documentation compared to other types of liquidity management.
  • Reports can be accessed through DBS IDEAL, our online banking platform, for greater convenience.
Comparison Table


Criteria Cross-border Cash Concentration Regional Interest Optimisation
Physical transfer of Funds Yes No
Inter-company lending Yes, if cross-entity No
Non-convertible currency No Yes*
Multi-currency inclusion No Yes
Cash Management approach Centralised Decentralised

* Certain currencies are unable to receive interest benefit due to local regulations. Please see the FAQ for more details. 

Can DBS Regional Interest Optimisation be performed across different currencies?

Yes. Balances will be notionally aggregated in a common base currency.

What currencies does DBS Regional Interest Optimization support?

Any Currency that does not have interest rate restrictions can be included for Regional Interest Optimisation as long as the account of the currency can be opened in a participating DBS Country. 
Restrictions currently apply to China, India, and Taiwan, who will be able to contribute to notional aggregation but unable to receive interest benefits at the local level. 

How To Apply?

Simply call us at 1800 222 2200, or +65 6222 2200 if you are calling from overseas to apply. Alternatively, please speak with your relationship manager.