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COE Bidding

Submit and revise COE bids electronically to the LTA

Save time and stress bidding for Certificate of Entitlements (COEs) with DBS’ Open COE (IDEAL™ OCOE) service. Our unique platform allows you to submit COE bids electronically to the Land Transport Authority (LTA), monitor their status and revise any bids if necessary. Motor traders and companies buying a corporate fleet can easily place bids with a single login through IDEAL™, our online banking platform.


Why choose DBS COE Bidding?

  • Submit, monitor and revise your bids via IDEAL™ OCOE, Singapore’s most widely used bidding channel for local motor traders
  • Access a wide range of banking services including COE bidding and DealOnline with a single login through IDEAL™
  • Prepare your COE bids at your earliest convenience with the DBS Offline Bidding Editor and Online features
  • Submit and revise all bids in your batch in just a few clicks with with our Single Reserve Price feature



Subscription PackagePricing

Software and License Fee
One-time for new subscribers
(Includes training for two users)

SGD 865
Up to two PC's installation

Subscription Fee
(Minimum subscription period is one year, payable every quarterly in advance)

SGD 225
Per quarter per license

COE Bidding Administration Fee

SGD 10 per COE bid submission
SGD 10 per every subsequent revision


What is the bid deposit under the Open Bidding System?

The bid deposit is set by LTA and currently stands at SGD 200 for Category D (motorcycles) and SGD10,000 for Categories A, B, C and E (all other vehicles). This deposit will be deducted from your Business Account every time you make a new submission.

What happens if I do not have sufficient funds in my account after I have submitted my bids?

If you don’t have sufficient funds in your account to cover the total bid deposit and administrative fees, all bids in the batch will be rejected. Therefore, please ensure there is enough money in your account before submitting your bids.

When must the balance of the bid be paid to LTA and do I pay it through DBS?

The balance of the bid should be paid when the results are announced, and when your customers register their cars. The balance of the bid should be paid directly to LTA.

Will I know what bids have been submitted by other motor traders?

No, bids submitted by other motor traders will not be available, however you will be able to see the lowest successful bid price accepted by LTA.

How do I know the status of my submitted bids?

Once your bid has been successfully submitted via IDEAL™ OCOE, you can track its status through the "Bid Enquiry & Revision" menu.

Is it easy to revise the bid amount?

Yes, simply select the unsuccessful bid under “Bid Enquiry & Revision” and enter your new amount.

Is there a limit to the number of bids I can submit?

There is no limit to the number of bids that can be submitted. However, LTA’s rule of one bid per individual applies. This means you can only submit one bid for each of your customers. All subsequent duplicate bids will be rejected. Your bids can be submitted in batches with a maximum of 20 bids each.


How do I apply?

Simply call us at 1800 222 2200, or +65 6222 2200 if you are calling from overseas to apply. Alternatively, please speak with your relationship manager.

No Minimum Balance Requirement
No Minimum Balance Requirement

The new Digital Account comes with NO MINIMUM BALANCE required.

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