digital signature

Digital Signature

Seamless, secure digital signing - anywhere, anytime

Digital Signature

Seamless, secure digital signing - anywhere, anytime

At a Glance

Sign documents digitally with us, anywhere and anytime.

  • A secure digital signing solution as an alternative to wet signatures.
  • Supports multiple documents and multiple signers.
  • Your company and DBS receive the completed digitally-signed document automatically.
  • No hardcopy submission is required!

Secure, faster

Digitally sign documents instantly and securely anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Efficient, easy to use

Reduce wait time and the hassle of mailing out physical documents to the bank. Sign with just a few clicks! 


Go green by signing digitally. Paper forms are things of the past!

Real-time status tracking

Enjoy instant visibility of the entire signing process.


How it works
Receive email from DBS

Receive email from DBS

Every authorised signatory receives a secure one-time email link.

Receive SMS from DBS

Receive SMS from DBS

Every authorised signatory receives a secure one-time access PIN via SMS.

Sign digitally

Sign digitally

Upon successful email and SMS verification, review your document from anywhere and sign digitally.

Receive instant notification

Receive instant notification

Upon completion, all authorised signatories, the applicant, and DBS will receive the completed eSigned document via email.

How secure is DBS Digital Signature?
  • DBS Digital Signature integrates seamlessly with DocuSign, ensuring non-repudiation for all digitally-signed documents.
  • The audit trail of the entire signing process is provided to both customers and DBS.
  • Documents are encrypted throughout the entire digital signing process.
  • Authorised signatories authenticate and sign digitally via a secure one-time email link and SMS PIN.
Is there any cost involved if my company were to utilise this?

No, it is free of charge for all DBS customers!

How do I know if my company is eligible, and which types of documents can be signed digitally?
  • In general, all documents can be signed digitally except for documents which still require wet ink as per the Electronic Transaction Acts set down by each respective country’s governing laws.
  • The law of your company’s country of incorporation allows digital signing.
  • Your constitutional document does not restrict the use of digital signing.
My authorised signatories are located overseas, are they able to use this?

Yes, DBS is able to send the secure one-time access PIN SMS to international mobile numbers. The SMS will be sent to the registered mobile numbers of signatories who have been authorised with the bank.

Which email address does DBS use for the digital signing process?

You will be required to provide the corporate email address that is registered with the bank.