In today’s connected environment, cyber security is a widespread concern. All too often, businesses do not fully understand their organisation’s cyber and data privacy risks until an event occurs. Any company can be affected by a breach of sensitive customer or employee information. Even the loss of a single laptop, if not properly managed, can turn into a public relations disaster. This product is underwritten by our insurance partner, Chubb Insurance Singapore Limited.


Key CoveragesExcluded Industries (for straight-through online application) 
  • Business Interruption and Data Recovery 
    Loss of profits, as well as recovery expenses due to a network security failure or attack, human errors, or programming errors.

  • Incident Response 
    Forensic IT services; Crisis communications and reputational mitigation; Legal advice and investigation costs, supported by incident reporting hotline and local vendor.

  • Third Party Claims 
    Legal liability resulting from cybersecurity breaches, including failure to maintain confidentiality of data, payment for fines and penalties. Regulatory investigations or enforcement proceedings expenses will also be covered.

  • Network or Data Extortion / Blackmail

  • Worldwide Cover
  • Adult Content Sites 
  • Credit Bureaus 
  • Credit Card Processor 
  • Data Aggregators 
  • Data Processors (BPO’s) 
  • Financial Institutions, Security and Commodity Brokers 
  • Hospitals 
  • Online Exchanges, Stock Exchanges, Virtual Currency Exchanges 
  • Payment Gateways 
  • Social Networking Sites 
  • Telecommunications, Internet Service Providers, Application Service Providers, Cloud providers, Search Engine Providers 
  • Universities 
  • Utilities (Water, Electricity, Energy etc) including Critical Infrastructure


Pre-underwritten Plans:

Premiums indicated are in Singapore dollars and excludes GST, which is payable in addition. 
A deductible (waiting period) of 8 hours applies following a business interruption incident.


To proceed, please select your preferred plan below. The plans coverage limits are subjected to the terms and conditions of the policy. To qualify for the straight-through online application, please find the underwriting criteria here.

You may find the Cyber Insurance brochure here. If you would like to speak to us to find out more about the Cyber Insurance product, you may reach out to us via here.


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Cyber Insurance Application Form

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