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SMEs can now enjoy seamless and secure trading and financing via Trusple with DBS Bank. Trusple is a service platform for international trade and related financial services powered by AntChain’s proprietary technology. Buyers and sellers can now trade their products along the Singapore-China corridor and access trade financing digitally in real-time.  

Trusple is suitable for your business if you are an SME

that imports goods from China.

looking to get secure and quicker trade financing approvals.

Features & Benefits

One-click Financing

Access our trade settlement and financing services in real-time via Trusple.


More Security

Leverage Trusple’s blockchain-enabled smart contracts to gain more transparency in payments and trade documentation, including applying for import financing.


Less Manual Paperwork

Apply for trade financing digitally.

How to Get Started

You will need to have a DBS Corporate Bank Account and an import trade credit facility.

Start trading on Trusple if you meet the above requirements by following these 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Register on Trusple and link your DBS Bank account.
  • Step 2: Apply for Bank Payment Undertaking (BPU) Service and link it to your existing import trade credit facility. Note: A credit facility with DBS Bank is required before we can activate the BPU Service.
  • Step 3: You may now draft Purchase Orders and establish smart contracts with your supplier(s).

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Resources: Trusple User Guide

Do I need to pay a fee to use the Trusple platform?

Usage of the Trusple platform is free. However, you will be charged transaction fees for OTT. If you require a BPU to be issued or a loan to finance your purchase, a separate charge will be levied based on utility of your trade facility. Please speak to your DBS Relationship Manager for more information.

Must I be a DBS customer to use the trade financing features on Trusple?

Yes, you are required to link your DBS Corporate Current Account on Trusple to enable straight-through transactions to your account. You will also need to link your DBS trade facility to finance purchases from China via Trusple.

Does my China seller need to be a DBS customer to use Trusple?

No. However, your seller needs to be a registered user on Trusple.

What are the invoicing payment terms that can be transacted on Trusple?

The Trusple platform supports Open Account Terms. If you are a buyer that deals with your seller on open account terms and receive documents directly, DBS can provide payment assurance to the seller on your behalf by issuing a Bank Payment Undertaking (BPU). Alternatively, if your supplier requires payment assurance via a Letter of Credit or Documentary Collection terms, you could encourage your supplier to adopt Bank Payment Undertaking as a solution instead.


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