At a Glance
Gain better access to fund your fixed asset purchases by tapping on the Local Enterprise Finance Scheme

Automate and upgrade factory and equipment 

Purchase JTC or HDB property

Fixed monthly repayment

Loan Amount

Up to 15 mil 

Loan Tenor

Up to 8 years for Equipment/Machinery loan

Up to 10 years for Factory Loan


Your business must:

  • be incorporated in Singapore with at least 30% local shareholding (Singaporean or permanent resident)
  • have an annual group sales below S$100 million
  • have a workforce of fewer than 200 employees^

^Annual sales turnover and employment size will be computed on a group basis (i.e. All levels up for corporate shareholders holding > 50% of total shareholding of the applicant company and any subsequent corporate parents, and subsidiaries all levels down)


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