At a Glance
Leverage on DBS’ extensive regional network to expand overseas with Internationalisation Finance Scheme.

Globalise your operations

real estate

Asset-based financing

Finance the purchase of fixed assets or construct factories/buildings overseas


Structured loans

Cover working expenses on major overseas projects


Banker’s guarantees

Finance secured overseas projects, including advance payment guarantees, performance, or tender bond guarantees


Merger and Acquisition financing

Support your overseas expansion

Type of loan Maximum
Loan period
Maximum financing

Asset-Based Financing

  • Land/factories/buildings

15 years


  • Other fixed assets
6 years 90%

Structured Loans

3 years 90%

Banker’s Guarantee

5 years 100%

Merger and Acquisition Financing

5 years 70%

Your business must:

  • Have its global HQ in Singapore.
  • Have at least 3 of the following strategic business functions in Singapore:
      • Banking & financial
      • Marketing & business planning
      • Procurement
      • Logistics
      • Training & personnel management
      • Investment planning/coordination
      • R&D and design
      • Technical support
      • Manufacturing
      • Other value-added functions
  • Use the loan to support your overseas expansion
  • Have an annual sales revenue (including subsidiaries) of less than S$500 million (for trading companies) or less than S$300 million (for non-trading companies)
  • Have an overseas business that complements your core operations and results in an economic benefit to Singapore
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