Type of loan Maximum
Loan period
Maximum financing

Asset-Based Financing

  • Land/factories/buildings

15 years


  • Other fixed assets
6 years 90%

Structured Loans

3 years 90%

Banker’s Guarantee

5 years 100%

Merger and Acquisition Financing

5 years 70%

Your business must:

  • Have its global HQ in Singapore.
  • Have at least 3 of the following strategic business functions in Singapore:
      • Banking & financial
      • Marketing & business planning
      • Procurement
      • Logistics
      • Training & personnel management
      • Investment planning/coordination
      • R&D and design
      • Technical support
      • Manufacturing
      • Other value-added functions
  • Use the loan to support your overseas expansion
  • Have an annual sales revenue (including subsidiaries) of less than S$500 million (for trading companies) or less than S$300 million (for non-trading companies)
  • Have an overseas business that complements your core operations and results in an economic benefit to Singapore
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