Government-Assisted Schemes

Internationalisation Finance Scheme

Borrow up to SGD 30 million to finance your overseas expansion

Finance your expansion overseas with the Internationalisation Finance Scheme (IFS), administered by International Enterpriese Singapore (IE Singapore). This scheme allows you to borrow up to SGD 30 million.


Why choose DBS Internationalisation Finance Scheme?

  • Globalise your operations and leverage international resources to grow
  • Choose from a range of funding options to support your business structure and requirements
  • Leverage our extensive regional experience and network. Born and bred in Asia, we have a better understanding of the risks involved and can provide support in expanding your business in the region
  • Access all of your DBS accounts easily through IDEAL™, our online banking platform


Product Details

    • Your business’s global HQ is anchored in Singapore.
    • Your business must have at least three of the following strategic business functions in Singapore:
      • Banking & financial
      • Marketing & business planning
      • Procurement
      • Logistics
      • Training & personnel management
      • Investment planning/co-ordination
      • R&D and design
      • Technical support
      • Manufacturing
      • Other value-added functions

  • The loan must be used to support your expansion overseas
  • Your annual turnover must not exceed SGD 300 million for non-trading companies, or SGD 500 million for trading companies (where more than 50% of your turnover comes from buying and selling goods)
  • Your overseas business must complement your core operations and result in an economic benefit to Singapore

You can borrow up to SGD 30 million under the IFS to support your expansion overseas, and there are four options available:

  • Asset-based financing that allows you to buy fixed assets for use overseas. You can also purchase or construct factories overseas with this loan
  • Structured loans help cover working expenses on major projects you have won overseas
  • Banker’s guarantees to help finance secured overseas projects, including advance payment guarantees, performance guarantees or tender bond guarantees
  • Merger and Acquisition financing to support your overseas expansion.


Type of loanMaximum loan periodMaximum financing

Asset-Based Financing


– Land/factories/buildings

Fifteen years


– Other fixed assets

Six years


Structured Loans

Three years


Banker’s Guarantee

Five years


Merger and Acquisition Financing

Five years



How do I apply?

Please call us at 1800 222 2200 and we’ll arrange for a relationship manager to speak with you.

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