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Commercial Card Bill Payments on IDEAL

Enjoy quick and secure payments

Commercial Card Bill Payments on IDEAL

Enjoy quick and secure payments

At a Glance

Say farewell to tedious bill payments! With just a few clicks, enjoy quick and secure payments on your Commercial Card bills via DBS IDEAL.

Features and Benefits
Quick & convenient

Quick & convenient

Your DBS Commercial Card bill is paid in just a few minutes.

Safe & secure

Safe & secure

Only authorised payers can pay securely via DBS IDEAL.

How it Works
Login to DBS IDEAL.

Select “Bill Payment” under the Payments tab.

Select Billing Organisation (DBS Commercial Cards), enter your Bill Reference Number (16-digit Card Number) and amount.

Verify details and click submit.

Payments reflected on card after 1 business day.

Are there any extra charges incurred for my bill payments via DBS IDEAL?

No. There are no additional charges when you pay your DBS Commercial Card bill via DBS IDEAL.

Will I receive a confirmation on my bill payment?

After making and submitting payment via DBS IDEAL, a message will appear on screen showing that your payment is successful.

Is there a stipulated timeframe that I need to make my bill payment via IDEAL by?

Payment can be made at any time of the month, regardless when your statement date is.

Can I make payment for multiple card bills in one transaction?

No. Each bill payment can only be made for one card.

When will the payment be reflected on my account?

Payment will reflect on your card account after 1 business day.