DBS InvoiceNow

Register now for a seamless
e-invoicing and payment journey!

DBS InvoiceNow

Register now for a seamless
e-invoicing and payment journey!

At a Glance

Enjoy seamless e-invoicing and quicker payments with DBS InvoiceNow. Send and receive e-invoices on a secure network and make digital payments – all from one platform! What’s more, gain operational efficiencies as DBS is the first bank to offer auto reconciliation for your invoice payments*.

DBS InvoiceNow integrates the nationwide e-invoicing method (InvoiceNow) that enables the direct transmission of e-invoices in a standardised format across finance systems via the Peppol network.

*Invoice reconciliation is only available if your sender/receiver is also a DBS InvoiceNow user.

Features & Benefits

Increase Efficiencies

Reduce duplicate efforts and error-prone manual processes as you can now send and receive e-invoices digitally.


Faster Payments (Local and International)

A standardised e-invoice format results in faster validation, processing and payment time. You can make e-payments including PayNow Corporate, FAST and GIRO.


Reduce Operating Costs

Generate, send and receive e-invoices for free!^ Get more savings from reducing printing, posting and storage of invoices.

How to Apply

Step 1: Log in to DBS IDEAL and click on “Apply” on the sidebar.

Step 2: Select InvoiceNow and fill in the required information.

Step 3: You will receive an email confirmation once you’ve submitted your application. You will have immediate access to DBS InvoiceNow and can start sending and receiving e-invoices.

Only IDEAL users with administrator and authorised approver access are permitted to sign up for DBS InvoiceNow on behalf of the company.


Sign up

Register for DBS InvoiceNow via DBS IDEAL before 31 December 2023 to enjoy

  • Free IDEAL e-invoicing portal to generate, send and receive e-invoices

Terms and Conditions

Who can register for DBS InvoiceNow?

Your company’s IDEAL Administrators and Transaction Approvers will be able to register on behalf of your company.

How are my user entitlements assigned on IDEAL? Can I change it?

Each user’s entitlements have been pre-allocated according to your existing IDEAL transaction entitlements. For example, a user who is a payment maker is also an invoice maker. You may use the Customer Self-Administration module on IDEAL to make changes to your user entitlements.

My company is still on the old IDEAL interface. Can I use DBS InvoiceNow?

DBS InvoiceNow is only available to companies on the new IDEAL interface. Please reach out to your DBS Relationship Manager to upgrade to the new IDEAL.

What is my Peppol ID?

A Peppol ID is your company’s unique identifier on the Peppol directory. A Singapore-registered company listed on the Singapore Peppol directory will have a Peppol ID of 0195:SGUEN<company UEN>. For example, if your company’s UEN is 200500001A, your Peppol ID will be 0195:SGUEN200500001A.

Alternatively you can find your Peppol ID by entering your UEN in the Search field here:

Can I stop using the DBS InvoiceNow service at any time? Will there be a penalty fee?

Yes you can. There is no penalty fee.

How is InvoiceNow different from my existing invoicing method?

Currently, your invoices could be in a hard copy document or PDF format that you send and receive via email or postal service. Manual processing is required by both parties to input the invoice details in your respective systems, this is time consuming and may result in human error. InvoiceNow reduces manual work and is a safer method of invoice exchange as an e-invoice is encrypted and sent directly via the Peppol network to the recipient's InvoiceNow approved system.

If my customer is not registered on Peppol, can I still send e-invoices to them?

To send or receive e-invoices, both parties will need to be on the Peppol network with a valid Peppol ID. You can request your customer to register themselves to Peppol network via an Access Point provider / platforms that are Peppol ready.