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A complete merchant solution to
grow your business.


A complete merchant solution to
grow your business.

At a Glance

The more ways customers are able to pay, the more potential business you can enjoy. With the enhanced MAX Portal, you can add on new collection methods, reconcile accounts effortlessly, and view transactional insights to grow your business – all on a single platform.


Hassle free reconciliation

Reconcile easily across Cards, PayLah! and QR transactions at your fingertips.

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Go to market faster

Go cashless instantly with DBS MAX app. No new terminal or integration needed.


Gain access to more customers

Serve more customers with acceptance on mobile wallets and QR codes.


Scale up easily

Agile and future-ready collections, for businesses of all sizes.


Get clarity with transactional data

Dashboard with analytics of transactions provides insights for more informed business decisions


Additional marketing support

Enjoy marketing support and incentives from DBS and business partners.

Features & Benefits

Single platform, multiple collections solutions

Forget dealing with multiple platforms. Whether your business is online or offline, MAX Portal gives you access to a range of collection options including PayNow Corporate and SGQR.

With a single login via DBS IDEAL mobile, MAX Portal offers you greater convenience to manage your collections anytime, anywhere.


Keep up with your evolving business needs

New outlet, online expansion, or need a change of user access? No problem. MAX Portal allows you to manage day-to-day operations with a fully self-served platform.

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Single transaction report across all point-of-sales

Reconciliations are now simpler and easier with a single report across Cards, PayLah!, and PayNow transactions. From your POS terminal and ordering kiosk, to e-commerce site and mobile app, we’ve got them all covered.


Built-in analytics and reporting tools

Want to understand your sales metrics better? Now you can. Our dashboard brings you insights to payment method/modes breakdown, period comparisons on your sales performance, and more. So you can make data-driven decisions, every time.

How to Apply

Simply fill in this contact form and our Relationship Manager will be in touch with you shortly.

Also, download the DBS MAX app here:

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More Merchant Perks

Google Pay

Stay tuned for more Google Pay promotions

DBS BusinessClass

DBS BusinessClass

As a DBS MAX merchant, you can enjoy complimentary DBS BusinessClass membership and accelerate your growth with Asia’s fastest growing business community. Enjoy more offers for SMEs, exclusive access to market insights, industry trends and networking opportunities when you sign up here today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What is the cost of using DBS MAX collection solutions?

With DBS MAX App, there is no set up fee. Simply download the app and start collecting instantly at low MDR of 0.25% on total amount collected per month. For Cards and PayLah! acceptance, please reach out to us for more information. For DBS MAX API solution, a one time set-up fee applies, with a MDR of 0.50% thereafter on total amount collected per month.

How can I sign up to MAX Portal?

You will need to open a DBS Corporate Account and then at the same time apply for DBS IDEAL. You will automatically have access to MAX Portal.

I am an existing DBS Customer, how can I access MAX Portal?

If you are an existing IDEAL Transact user, MAX Portal will be automatically availed to you. Otherwise you may submit your request via File Exchange Centre in DBS IDEAL for IDEAL Transact access.

What are the functions I can perform on MAX Portal?

MAX Portal empowers you to manage and grow your merchant acquiring business in single platform.  In our very first release, it provides you with dashboard and analytics capabilities, transaction level details and reporting across all collection methods, application for new collection methods, performing online refund and several other administrative functions.

What is the cost of MAX Portal?

Access to the portal is free for all DBS merchants. Fees are applicable to the payment service that you subscribed to. You will be able to view the charges before completing the sign-up process.