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MAX your business

Power your cashless collections
instantly with DBS MAX.

MAX your business

Power your cashless collections
instantly with DBS MAX.

At a Glance

DBS MAX is the end-to-end cashless collections solution that’s designed to help your business grow, and grow with your business.

Enjoy seamless, effortless set up and integration for any payment mode and storefront, online and offline - PayNow, PayLah!, cards, pick one or pick all.

Features & Benefits

DBS MAX offers a comprehensive range of payments acceptance modes and features for smoother collections, you can choose any of the features as applicable for your business.

1. Installment Payment plan

  • Allow your customers to split up their payments when they pay using DBS cards
  • Flexible payment plans of 3, 6, 12, 18 or 24 months available
  • Available for both retail and online stores

2. Paylah! Express checkout

Enjoy faster payment process with PayLah! Express Checkout

3. Hosted payment page

  • Save the hassle of building your own checkout page
  • Enjoy an easy integration with DBS hosted checkout page and let us handle the payment process for you


4. Recurring payment

  • For subscription-based payments
  • Simplifying recurring payments for your customers by registering card on first use and automating subsequent payments

5. Card on file

  • Enhance customer payment journey
  • Reduce customer’s hassle of keying in card details for subsequent payments

6. URL payment link

  • Generate a payment link to be sent to your customer via a secure gateway 
  • You can track the status of payment in gateway portal

Step 1: Key in Payment information and customer name and details.


Step 2: Customer received the payment request. Proceed to make payment.


Step 3: Merchant can track the status of the payment in payment gateway portal.

7. Other services


Allow your customer to choose to pay in foreign currency or their own local currency

Contactless and mobile payment

Leverage payment methods such as Apple Pay and Google Pay


Protect your customers from fraudulent transactions with 3-D Secure credit card authentication such as Verified by Visa (VbV) and MasterCard SecureCode

Online MOTO

Process orders received via mail, over the phone or online without a physical terminal


How SF Singapore MAXes their daily collections


New to DBS MAX?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
How are fees deducted?
  • Paynow transaction fees: Deducted directly from the settlement account on the 10th calendar day of every month (if it is not a business day, fees will be deducted the next business day). It will be reflected on the account statement as ADV. 
  • Cards and Paylah: We will deduct fees of your daily sales and only credit the nett amount into your settlement account the next working day
When can I receive the funds from my sales?
  • Paynow transactions: You will receive the funds end of day on the same day.
  • Cards and Paylah! transactions: You will receive the funds less fees the next working day
How can I view my transactions?

All transactions can be viewed on our corporate banking platform, IDEAL. Simply login to IDEAL and navigate to the Merchant Services tab within IDEAL to access the one-stop DBS MAX portal. Click here for guidance on the DBS MAX Portal.

Do I need to procure my own terminal?

DBS’ partner vendor will reach out to you for POS/Kiosk set up. POS/Kiosk cost will be advised by the respective terminal vendor.

What is the difference between Paylah! and Paynow?

For all physical QR code payment, it will be operating under the Paynow scheme, regardless of the wallet being used to scan the QR code. 
Paylah! payment refers to an e-commerce checkout where DBS implements a seamless way of checkout through the use of Paylah! app.

What is the difference between Paynow and SGQR?

SGQR provides multiple QR code payment options, of which Paynow is one of the option under SGQR.

Who do I contact for support?

Help and Support

24/7 Authorisation Hotline1800 835 0106
Cards payment reconciliationEmail us
DBS BusinessCare1800 222 2200
8.30am to 8.30pm on weekdays,
excluding public holidays